Advertisement So I recently got myself a Nokia Asha 210. It really was just out of a whim. A friend of mine joined Whatsapp recently and


Once you go smart, dumbing down is HARD!!!

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Nokia Asha 210


So I recently got myself a Nokia Asha 210. It really was just out of a whim. A friend of mine joined Whatsapp recently and she told me she was IM-ing from an Asha 200 device and I got curious;”How do notifications work on that thing?”, “what’s the Whatsapp for S40 experience like? Any different from the Android/BB experience?”. Those were the kind of questions going through my head. Eventually, I ended up with the Asha 210 because, unlike the 200, the Asha 210 comes with Wi-Fi.

It’s been a while I’ve used a “dumb” phone and considering I’ve never bought a Nokia device – I swore off Nokia many years ago – this was all kinda out of my comfort zone, to say the least.


I must say I have been mildly impressed so far. Not necessarily because the Asha 210 is a great device but because I honestly expected less. I mean, it’s an okay device for what it does. And aside the cringeworthy fact that Nokia continue to tout it as a “smartphone” (that’s very arguable), I wouldn’t be against anybody’s choice of it as a primary device. But for me, coming from an Android experience, dumbing-down has been a pain in the rectum.

My first task was to use the Wi-Fi. I couldn’t connect for the life of me! You know those free/paid Wi-Fi services where after you connect, you’re redirected to a login page once your fire up your browser? Has anyone tried doing that on an Asha 210 device? Pain in the rectum. Don’t even get me started on Wi-Fi networks over proxies. You’d have a better chance uploading Facebook photos from a Nokia torchlight device. Anyway, I was able subscribe to a 10MB/24 hour data plan so the urge to fling the phone across the room was a little dampened.


One to the good stuff, the main purpose why I got the phone; Whatsapp. This is the only good thing I have been able to use the device for so far. Well… I later found the email app is pretty good and easy to setup too.

Anyway, I was so impressed with Whatsapp for S40, I had to tweet about it immediately:



Needless to say, I’m a big fan of Whatsapp. Any device that will run Whatsapp well is good enough for a start.


The Asha 210 comes pre-installed with Twitter and Facebook. I don’t use Facebook so I decided to try out the Twitter app.

I realise I’m probably too quick to write-off the Asha 210. Especially as I still plan to use it for a couple more days (maybe weeks?) so I can try out Instagraph and a few other apps. I just thought I should share my first dumbing-down experience with you guys, however “LASTMA-ish” as that might sound.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’ve gotten too dependent on smartphones. Or am I the only one in this school of thought:


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  2. // My first task was to use the
    Wi-Fi. I couldn’t connect for
    the life of me!//

    I don’t know, but Nokia and modern wifi does not seem to mesh.

    I have not been able to use the wifi hotshot on Android devices with any (old) Nokia product.

    Going dumb phone? No way, not even for curiosity sake. Am not cat, but I don’t want curiosity to make me take a DUMB decision, and kill me!

    I think that class of devices is for toddlers. Yes: the Author is obvious a Toddler LOL..

    The best way to resist temptation is to fall into it, headlong.

    I suggest the Author should succumb to that initial temptation of flinging this toy against a wall.

    Better still, give it to a Carpenter that will have better use for it.. using it to knock in micro nails into soft wood #flees

  3. “S40, Belle, BB7, BB10, WP8, Android, iOS,
    Whatsapp is top-notch on all 7 platforms. Just
    30-something developers do all the work.”

    No, I think WhatsApp is a crappy app. Though its service is very decent, but the app itself, nah. Perhaps it just seems stellar because you’re not much used to anything else

  4. @saiddigge, “crappy” is relative. So far I have used BBM, Viber, WeChat, Mozart, Kik, Nimbuzz etc and none of them satisfy me as much as Whatsapp. It depends on what you’re expecting from an IM client. I like to keep things simple and focused on the primary task and for me Whatsapp does that best. BBM is a little too “noisy” for me and Viber is just over-featured in my opinion. Perspective is key

  5. I would say that dumbing down for curiosity’s sake may be hard but not painful knowing the reason you are doing so but if after going smart, you are suddenly saddled with a dumb phone in the mold of any of the Nokia Asha series, maybe because of loss or damage of your smartphone, that’s when you really feel the pains.

    I still own and use feature phones on daily basis mainly for calls and very occasionally SMS and in those time I may need to text from my feature phone, I do really feel how awkward typing on it can be. Though I always ensure that my feature phones have internet facility and always have Opera Mini installed in them, I very seldom use the data services on the phone because of the awkwardness in entering text or even viewing and navigating within contents on them.

  6. @Harry, I’m seriously considering keeping it as my primary messaging device,just for Whatsapp and nothing else. The idea is to dedicate cheap monthly data plans strictly for messaging. I have to put the low data consumption to some good use 🙂
    But this decision is still dependent on how easily I find myself adjusting to the feature phone life. I’d definitely miss Whatsapp on my Android device though

  7. Once you go smart,
    dumbing down is HARD

    The title of this article is synonymous with our internet speed…. If you’re the type that is used to 3G or faster, coming back to the GPRS or EDGE kind of speed entails having a whole lot of patience. It’s only in some cases that EDGE delivers (lets say 2 outta 10).

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