Press Release from Fasmicro and Microscale Embedded, makers of the Ovim tablet: There is one secret we have kept from everyone – Ovim Tablet can

One Kept Secret about Ovim Tablet

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Press Release from Fasmicro and Microscale Embedded, makers of the Ovim tablet:

There is one secret we have kept from everyone – Ovim Tablet can make and receive phone calls and can send and receive SMS.

It has full phone functionalities. We have built that capability because our local studies showed that people will like to carry one device. So, we are giving Nigeria a magical device that can function as a phone and provide power for all things Tablet.

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  1. Sweet bonus
    @Ajao – its not a jumbo sized phone!! Its a tablet, with phone capability thrown in as a bonus.

  2. Imagine walking along the street, holding the tablet to your ear. That’s going to be very hillarious. 😀

  3. The device would probably encourage people to desist from sticking their phones to their ears too often and use an earpiece instead. I strongly believe that having your phones too frequently to your ears may have its side effects later on.

  4. I believe its more of a bonus,when I uses the 3g via a sim card
    indeed its a huge bonus-it goes to show that this guys are truly nigerians.
    Now with ovim we are truly Integerated!

  5. I want my Tablet as an internet device period. I’m not looking for a jack of all trade device. I hope the Ovim delivers excellently in that regard.

    @Yomi, do you know if this device will be given after sales support like we get from the likes of Nokia and RIM.

  6. this is getting cooler.

    Just like Dayo said, I ma be concerned about the durability and afterSales support. Making calls, or no! Not a plus. Who can carry a single device in Naija? When they network go bizzair??? Pardon my spelling*** what do you do? U change your sim in order to access internet.

    In a case you are into business and the sim you are changing is your business line. Get a phone like the nokiaC3 or other E-series for Phone calls and support, then your tablet as a reader and mobile surfing the net.

    I might just be conserned about the battery. If i ma use that kind of phone to call, how long will the battery last for me.

    I don’t need the call feature @famisco, but eh! Thanks for including it, and the sms too, ***e se pupo***

  7. Yomi,

    Would it detect websites and blogs automatically as mobile or would it detect it as a full website like the iPad?

    That is the minus of the galaxy tab, it detects the mobile vertion of a site and delivers it, instead of giving you a full web experience.

  8. @jujukemist

    Absolutely correct. There is nothing that says you must use the phone. I know what they are thinking in Fasmicro and Microscale. They know some students may like to use earphones and make free Voip phones. They know some doctors which they are implementing their electronic medical records may like to look at data while making phone calls. Look at how they plan to synchronize all those luxury buses operations, they want those drivers and managers to have one device and run the show.

    If you ask me, i want one device and not fragmented many. This shows that the team are engineers and not businessmen that just went into making money. I salute them. This is how you change a game. Most taxi drivers will use it.

    Congrats Fasmicro and Microscale and Mobility Nigeria. Up Naija.


  9. Thanks everyone for the great comments. Excellent and inspiring.

    Mobility Nigeria is the first website that broke this news. It is not even on our sites. That shows the respect we have given to Yomi and his team. Very soon, we will put the message on our sites.

    The reasons we have this phone feature are:
    – many SMS are free now. We think you can communicate via sMS with the tablet and forget that phone. We are working on a partnersip to offer FREE SMS on Ovim via a 3rd party.
    – We noticed that many entrepreneurs in Nigeria, especially in Aba, Onitsha, Kano and Alaba already carry big bags for their money. If we integrate more fuctions on Ovim, they will likely buy it than asking them to add something on top of their phones and bags
    – Our market research shows that many people will get headphones to make Voip phone and video phone like skype, etc. Ordinary phone does not allow this. Ovim crystal clear images will support those video calls easily
    – We want to differentiate ourselves from others and show we are thinking and following the market
    – We have camera on the tablet. You send phone to mama. Why not have a way to call her? Spare that phone.
    – We want to elevate the imaginations of Nigerians in the mobile ecosystem. There are more possibilities Ovim brings. We are building Apps like NairaNgr that can help small companies manage their business on the Tablet.
    – We think if you do not like the Ovim phone, you do not have to use it. The Tablet still works perfectly.
    – Our products, will be well served when we have clients to have phone and data on the same device. We are looking at unification of communication. Do not tell me that a doctor cannot be entering data and at the same time be talking on the same device while helping a woman in the remote part of Akwa Ibom so that his colleages in UNTH can offer him options on how to help that woman. If you get all the communications in one device, he will most likely call for them, than using two hands to do many.
    – Finally, we want Nigerian developers to develop for Ovim Android tablet. Instead of developing for Phone and Tablets seperately, they can develop for both in the same device. Our research shows that the tablet market is not huge now, and people will need more incentives to spend resources to develop for it. Why not help them by unifying phone and tablet so that they can go ahead and build Nigeria. Many are already changing their strategies as Ovim helps me kill two birds with one stone.

    We are certain people will see committed and smart team for the nation. We have done things and we know this stuff and we want you to support us.

    And to Yomi. Thank you for being a wonderful lover of the small companies. Thank you.

    Fasmicro & Microscale Embedded Team
    Owerri and Kaduna

  10. A nice comment from this team. They truly have a human face and connecting to the customers. Reading this makes me want this Ovim no matter the use. Long time people spend time on Nigeria before offering services. good efforts.

  11. I have love for made in Nigeria goods if it meets up with international standards.from the manufacture’s comment they are ready to improve upon their services baaed on views of people making comments.I will definitely buy one when I get back to Abuja first week of January.Kope after sales services will be of very good quality as well.Thats where our local manufacturers need to improve upon.

  12. @Famisco & Co. great.

    I also.admire the picked the signal, came!and respected this audience. gteat use of engagement.


  13. ok o yeah! i love these guys famisco.
    where are you guys in Kaduna-cause its my operational base.
    I hope your presence here may not affect my being a distributor for MobilityNigeria

  14. @arumob and @jesse.

    We have noted all your comments. @arumob, we cannot wait to hand over this device to you. we used it for some hospitals in Kaduna that came for electronic medical records demo and they liked it.

    We have tested Ovim for more than 3 weeks now and we have not found any problem. We are very cautious and understand the service aspect. That is why our Business Development Specialists are positioned in every major city. We will provide service and I am confident you will enjoy Ovim and other services we provide.

  15. I am ready to purchase your product where can I make the pre order purchase in Abuja.If it is through a bank can I have the address before this money goes for another use please a fast response is needed

  16. Well, the Ovim was supposed to be available on the 20th of this month. Today is the 24th. Has anyone actually received or even seen the device?

    I was in Owerri for the new year, called their Office there, and their engineer promised to call me as soon as the tablet was available. I’ve haven’t heard from him since.

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