One leg up! Say hello to the selfie shoe

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When I saw a video of the selfie shoe yesterday, I sat there in a state of shock. Apparently, someone thinks that we haven’t been traumatised enough by selfie sticks and has taken the selfie craze a notch higher: say hello to the selfie shoe.

It is a shoe that lets you stick in a smartphone, so you can raise your leg, Jackie Chan style, and take a selfie. Well, I never.

It has advantages though: your hands are free, so you can take much goofier selfies, making any signs that catch your fancy with your hands. Did I say “advantages”? That’s about the only advantage I can see. Something tells me that the shoes will be more uncomfortable than conventional shoes. See how extra long (and flat at the front) it is? But what is a little extra inconvenience so you can take the world’s most amazing selfies?

If you have thighs that weigh a pound though, I don’t see how you will be using this, seeing that you need your leg up in the air. Ooops! That didn’t come out right. Still, you get the picture. You just might need to get into a workout programme and get fitter if you plan on using a selfie shoe.


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  1. Must be an April Fools thing. See how high that foot has to go? We’re not all that flexible or dancers!

    1. It’s a joke, yeah, but it just goes to show…humans and our vain obsession with our selves!

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