One Major Disadvantage Of Pay On Delivery

Pay on Delivery was widely welcomed in Nigeria many months back as it offered many a feeling of security when ordering goods online or over the phone. You didn’t have to part with your money until you had seen and inspected the goods in the comfort of your home or office.

Disadvantage Of Pay On Delivery

Two days ago, I got home to see a rejected UPS package waiting for my younger brother. Apparently when UPS arrived the customer’s house to make the delivery, she suddenly decided she was no longer interested in buying the product.
In the end, my little brother made no money, but rather lost some as he had to pay UPS for its services.

A Big Disadvantage Of Pay On Delivery

This is a big, big disadvantage of the Pay on Delivery business model and I strongly feel it’s about time merchants modified the terms to something like Pay Shipping Upfront and Rest of payment on delivery. This way, most buyers would be committed to whatever purchases they are making and at least the merchant won’t suffer a loss in the event the buyer suddenly has a change of heart/taste.

Personally, when ordering my Dell Inspiron, I had to commit to it by paying to have it shipped from the seller’s Abuja office to their Lagos office before it was forwarded to me. I had absolutely no qualms with that and it was an easy breezy transaction.

Over to the merchants in the house. Is the Pay on Delivery mode of transaction working without hitches for you or not? Sound off in the comment section below.

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