Pay on Delivery was widely welcomed in Nigeria many months back as it offered many a feeling of security when ordering goods online or over

One Major Disadvantage Of Pay On Delivery

Pay on Delivery was widely welcomed in Nigeria many months back as it offered many a feeling of security when ordering goods online or over the phone. You didn’t have to part with your money until you had seen and inspected the goods in the comfort of your home or office.

Disadvantage Of Pay On Delivery

Two days ago, I got home to see a rejected UPS package waiting for my younger brother. Apparently when UPS arrived the customer’s house to make the delivery, she suddenly decided she was no longer interested in buying the product.
In the end, my little brother made no money, but rather lost some as he had to pay UPS for its services.

A Big Disadvantage Of Pay On Delivery

This is a big, big disadvantage of the Pay on Delivery business model and I strongly feel it’s about time merchants modified the terms to something like Pay Shipping Upfront and Rest of payment on delivery. This way, most buyers would be committed to whatever purchases they are making and at least the merchant won’t suffer a loss in the event the buyer suddenly has a change of heart/taste.

Personally, when ordering my Dell Inspiron, I had to commit to it by paying to have it shipped from the seller’s Abuja office to their Lagos office before it was forwarded to me. I had absolutely no qualms with that and it was an easy breezy transaction.

Over to the merchants in the house. Is the Pay on Delivery mode of transaction working without hitches for you or not? Sound off in the comment section below.


  1. Hey Chukwudi, the “disadvantages of pay on delivery” are some of the sacrifices that onine retailers taht will be successful in Nigeria have o bear at this time. I can tell you up front that as a user i would never pay for shipping upfront.

    Right now there is something similar happening on OLX where a seller tells you to pay for shipping that the goods you want are in seme, when it is actually a lie.

  2. @NaijaPlayBoy lol. I dey refer to recognized merchants with verifiable office. Not all those olx thieves

  3. I totally agree with the Doc on this.

    I once ordered for a phone from Jumia but I later heard reports that the phone in the box was actually different from what was being advertised. I made the dispatch officer understand the reason I was not going to pay for the phone and we parted on good terms, I expected that I should have paid for shipping at least but he said nothing about it. I’m sure they must have incurred some cost on transportation and logistics.

    Last month, when i had to deliver a phone to a buyer in Ilorin, I insisted he had to pay for delivery first. I couldn’t have left my home to his location, then when i get there he won’t buy the phone. So we agreed and it was a win-win situation, he saw what he was buying before he paid, I got payments instantly and I also attended to some other business in a nearby town.

    Funny thing is that I have also dealt with the Seme guy when I wanted to buy the Blackberry Q5. I easily recognized it was a scam when I asked for his address and he just said Kilometer 15, Badagry express road opposite EcoBank (a quick search on Google maps revealed nothing like that) and that I had to make payments, without adding any courier fees, before he can send the phone over to my location.


    I paid shipping costs + phone costs (Samsung Galaxy Note 2) and what did I get? A very defective (& expensive) unit which inexplicably died after less than 3 months.

    For nearly a year I pursued JUMIA for a resolution & the pr-cks kept playing me, even on top of all my documentary evidence, till my warranty elapsed. Then finally they directed me to a Samsung repair shop that refused to even look at the phone until JUMIA signed off on it- which of course they did not – the useless JUMIA customer care suddenly went deaf & dumb.

    Never again.

  5. I once ordered for a phone on this platform, it wasn’t delivered more than a mth despite making full payment+shipping. I had to travel to Berger, Lagos to pick a used phone as compensation. Shipping fee wasn’t even refunded although Mr Mobility apologised for d mess.

  6. @Alec sorry oh. IMO if you’re keen on warranty, never buy online. Just got directly to the authorized retailers. I don learn lesson from people experience

  7. Busuyi,

    Oh dear. You didn’t get the delivery fee back? That must have been an oversight. I’m certain that if you had mentioned it to the agent who handled the transaction, we would have issued a refund.

    Kindly get to us via email with your bank details so we can rectify the situation. Our apologies again for the mess that situation was.

  8. I had an embarrassing moment with konga. I ordered an external hard drive ; shipping was free and it was a pay on delivery method . Funny enough, when the it was delivered by the dispatch guy, on the konga receipt the price increased by #2800. Though I paid for it (thanks to the extra cash I had on me ) cause it was an urgent need but it was so embarrassing. On calling the customer service, the lady was just saying thrash she faulted it to a technical error and up til now the hard drive is still been advertised as the price I thought I was gonna pay without the increment.

  9. @Iyanuoluwa see as urgency fall your hand sha. It would have been nice to send the delivery guy back without the money. That way they make a loss and see it as urgent to fix te damn pricing on their site

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