I have spent the last few weeks talking about the Android OS, and how it is the best thing that happened to mobile phones since

One Reason I Would Use a Symbian Smartphone Again

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I have spent the last few weeks talking about the Android OS, and how it is the best thing that happened to mobile phones since the iPhone 😀 Honestly, while Palm’s Web OS has a lot of eye candy, reviews coming in suggest that it has some catching up to do with Android.

Back to topic, there can be no doubt to my readers that my new-found love is Android, after years with Symbian. Still, Symbian has its strengths, the strongest (though not so significant) being that it is a more mature OS. But that is a story for another day.

So, now that I have chosen the path of Android, is there any reason why I would get a Symbian device now?

Yes; if I needed a top-notch camera on my smartphone, I would get a Symbian device at this point in time. It is not because Symbian is better than Android in imaging capabilities. It is simply because Nokia makes some of the best camera phones out there, and Nokia makes the majority of Symbian devices.

Last week, ‘Dayo and I put the venerable-but-still-very-much-in-the-game Nokia E90 to use for imaging and video, and we were still awed by the quality of shots and clips we got from this device.

By the way, I still hold to my earlier position that the Nokia E90 is arguably still the best all-rounder. That guy rocks! I just wish Nokia would revamp that user interface.

Nokia has several other Symbian devices with amazing imaging capabilities. Until other manufacturers like Samsung and LG (both of whom are strong contenders in the camera game) roll out their Android phones, the Android platform currently has no competitors against Symbian when it comes to cameraphones.

It sure didn’t help that the first Android devices were from HTC – well known for less-than-stellar cameras on their devices.


  1. Soul,

    I read that earlier, and Tomi is spot on in that article.

    Bayuze, SE’s imaging capabilities are stellar for still shots, but terribly crappy for video. I’ve been waiting for ages to have them sort out their lousy video recordings. Still waiting…

  2. Its good to see a Nigerian site having a voice on things relating to mobility and of that ilk. Sad,that not many sites dedicated to doing so.

    Maybe you guys can become the AAS site for nigeria. . Now if only we had some Mobile/Nokia related events/conferences/summits to attend;like they do overseas.

    Quite sad that Nokia only sells & markets here.,would have been interesting to see where this idea would lead to in the long run..

    Alternatively, since its possible, i might just ‘host’ my own mobile-related-things site on my n82 ,via MWS, and find some interesting people to team up with – to fill the S60 Blogging void in Nigeria.

    Hopefully this will be easier with the N97 – since the keyboard + touchscreen would give me true mobility from my pc.

  3. Yeah Symbian in my opinion is better than android, iphone and the rest. It’s a better all rounder compared to the others, iphone is just over-hyped like every other american.
    Sure the interface is lovely and intuitive once u’ve gotten used to it.
    I love nokia phones (i own or have owned alot of them 6100 (still do) , 1600 (disappointing), 6630, 7600, 1100 (who didn’t), 2630, n70 (recent), n73 (too fragile, screen got smashed). Sony ericsson have been disappointing for me, don’t see myself buying that again (p910i) and samsung why does it have to be the screen everytime

  4. Yomi, Imaging is the only reason you would use Symbian again? Off all Symbian features contained even in “the best ALL-ROUNDER “?

  5. brym!

    What are these features that “the best ALL-ROUNDER” has that the G1, for example, does not have – apart from a better camera and limited bluetooth functionailty?

  6. @Soul, thanks for the compliment. I just needed to mention that Mobility Nigeria did not set out to become like any other mobile site, muchless AAS. We are not out to promote one mobile platform.

    We have only one goal, and that is simply to provide information about everything mobile in Nigeria, and to best of my knowledge we have tried to do just that in the last one year.

  7. Cant really say which is better..Have used a symbian but never heard any experience with android..But with lot of articles have read online..Seems symbian is losing the race against android!

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