You may have been nonchalant about the security of your smartphone, after all, you have nothing to hide; right? If you do not have a

One reason why you should secure your smartphone with a password

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You may have been nonchalant about the security of your smartphone, after all, you have nothing to hide; right? If you do not have a password, pass lock or some other form of lock on your smartphone, let me illustrate why you should secure your smartphone with one of those features from now on.

For starters, you are probably already signed into your email and maybe some other accounts on your smartphone. This means that anyone who gets their hands on it gets access to those accounts – Gmail, Outlook, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Now, imagine that someone steals your phone and there is no lock on it. They can wreck a lot of havoc on you with that kind of access to your personal accounts. Imagine further that you are also logged into some critical work accounts on that phone – a thriving WordPress blog, a server, am e-commerce back end system or more.

Anyone who gets their hands on your phone can change your password/s and lock you out of any account you are logged into. Imagine a series of malicious tweets being posted from your Twitter handle (it is much worse if you use your real identity on that platform). Critical personal or corporate information can be wiped out, or worse, stolen for malicious use (think of your Contacts or banking details, for example). They can send out damaging information or content from your account. Depending on how critical the accounts and information you have on your mobile are, the level of damage possible varies.

How To Secure Your Smartphone
Putting a simple password, PIN or pass lock on your smartphone can go a long way in keeping critically accounts and information out of the reach of unauthorised persons. Also, set up a remote wipe feature on your phone to ensure that even if you cannot retrieve it after a theft, you can trigger for the smartphone to be wiped wherever it is, this securing your accounts and info.

Whatever you do, if you are permanently signed into any account on your smartphone, you should put a password or lock on it. That is the most basic line of security. It never seems very important until you get bitten. And please don’t use 0000 or 1234 as password/PIN. Those are so lame! Any toddler can get through those in minutes.

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  1. Wow. Perfect article I will say. Remember losing my phone. The person ended up impersonating me for close to a week.

    Oluwa na im save me say I no logged into any bank account. The lose would have been colossal. Another tip I will like to add is ensure always properly register your sim, to avoid stories that touch when retrieving. Pls try to write down things like your mtn security number. This will help you a lot in retrieving your sim in record time.

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