One thing I hate on BlackBerry 10

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I have owned three BlackBerry 10 smartphones – the Z30, Passport, and Classic – over the last few years. So far, I am convinced that it is a very solid platform and all three phones hold their own against the competition.

From rock solid hardware to a robust OS, BB10 rocks. Then there is native Android app support, meaning that you can install and run most Android apps without issues. BlackBerry has also improved on their camera technology. The Z30 and Passport particularly have impressive cameras. There’s is very little to dislike about the BB10 devices that I have owned.

BB10 Twitter updating

However, there is one thing that has irked me from my first experience till now. Twitter app for BlackBerry 10. You see that app? It belongs in the museum. It is from prehistoric times. And I will explain.

Try refreshing your TL, Mentions or DM in Twitter for BB10, Nd you will have to wait long moments for the refresh to be executed. Sometimes, the wait lasts 30 seconds. This is 2015, mind you. By comparison, the Twitter app for Android refreshes almost instantly. As a matter of fact, I use the Android app as my default Twitter client on my BB10 smartphones. It works much better.

Whoever is behind the Twitter for BB10 app needs to wake up and bring it up to performance levels expected in 2015. For now, the user experience leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

  1. I still find it very difficult to hate anything about BlackBerry 10. This is my third one. Maybe it because of the cheap data service coupled with my favourite Android apps that run smoothly.

    You said it and me too I have not for once use the native twitter application after testing it. I prefer the android apps even though it’s without notification. I rely on my mail for notification.

    May I ask Mr Mo, do you receive instant notification on the android twitter apps? If yes please how do you do it?

  2. May I ask Mr Mo, do you receive instant notification on the android twitter apps? If yes please how do you do it?

    I don’t get instant notifications on the Twitter app for Android on my BlackBerry.

  3. I wanted to ask why u don’t then use the “android” app… n gbam… lucky it can steal pose with droid apps (free of charge)

  4. I have the same experience on my BB Q5.Since i discovered this i never bothered to use it for Twitter even Facebook cos they dont run updates like my android phone.An apps problem with BB.

  5. So it’s not really a hate for BB10, just how Twitter works on BB10.

    My irk is how Twitter on BB10 quotes tweets. I’m presuming this is because I have a small screen, as other operating systems seem to have no problem showing the quoted text

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