One thing you should know about devices with a glass back

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Smartphones with glass front and back tend to be exquisite devices that are well designed. They look and feel good in the hands. However, there is a downside to all that glass. With a glass front and back, note that no matter how you place your mobile down, it will be doing a lot of sliding, even on the slightest incline. More like moonwalking, as SojiTweets put it.

smartphone glass back

I can imagine that this must be how many iPhones got their broken displays: they slid off a table, stool or couch. Or not.

I have the Innjoo One 3G HD here with me. It has a glass back and it has been doing a lot of moonwalking. It has dropped to the floor from my favourite couch about five times in the last two weeks. Thankfully, nothing has been broken yet. I shall have to quickly adjust to this new reality and hopefully avert a breakage in the future.


  1. Lol. I’ve said it once before and I’ll say it again:Corning or not, glass panels make no sense. Why have an extra piece of breakable hardware on your device?

  2. This is my first glass back device and even though I don’t like casings/pouches (Most just covers up device’s beauty) I’ve stuck to the plastic back cover that came in the InnJoo One packaging because I just don’t trust the phone enough not to get damaged if mistakenly dropped!

  3. One man’s meat…….We just have to respect the way modern technology is going. As for me, i prefer it with casing/pouch for protection. You cant compare Nokia 3310 with these modern phones in terms of durability. That’s the way of modern technology.

  4. my thoughts exactly. also the accumulation of fingerprints and oils from fingerprints make the glass smudgy in daily use adding to the slipping. OEMs should find another way to do premium, Apple & LG did

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