A mini uproar seems to have broken out since WhatsApp’s introduction of BBM-styled “read message” marks. It has all been amusing to me. I really

One useful feature that I really need from WhatsApp (and BBM too)

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A mini uproar seems to have broken out since WhatsApp’s introduction of BBM-styled “read message” marks. It has all been amusing to me. I really have more serious issues to deal with. Like unsolicited broadcast messages.

I have a few contacts who regularly send me broadcasts daily, though I have no need of them. But you know how life is hardly ever black or white. Some would ask me to just block those contacts. It isn’t that straightforward. I want (maybe even need) to keep the contacts, but I would love the option not to receive their broadcasts. At first, it was just one broadcast message a day from each of them. I wrapped my head around living with that.

In the last few days, however, I observe that each of those contacts now send up to three broadcasts per day. I am not sure what has emboldened them to do this, but hey… What I really want from WhatsApp 9and BBM too) is an option to block broadcasts from individual contacts. It would be nice to have another option to block ALL broadcasts from all contacts as well. Is this so hard to do? It is my life. Give me the options to determine who or what bugs me.

This would be a really, really useful feature, compared to “read message” check marks. Please.

PS: By the way, I love the “read” check marks. It is one of the things that I love about BBM. What’s the uproar about? People don’t want their contacts to know when they’ve read their WhatsApp messages? Duh.

  1. Please count me totally in when this update comes up…It will be my life-saver! Darn BC’s!

  2. Life Is About Choices.

    This New Feature By Whatsapp Is So Major Some People Are Considering Dumping It For Something Else.

    It Should Be An Opt In Feature.

    In My Line Of Work, There Are Numerous Instances Where I Want To Read What Someone Has Sent Me (Usually A Request), Without Wanting The Person To Know If I Got The Message Or Not.

    It May Be Because I Don’t Have An Answer As Yet, Not Sure Of The Right Response (Yet), Or Simply Want To Maintain Contact With Someone That Is Generally An Irritant, And Don’t Want To Hurt Feelings, Or (/ Future) (/ Business) (/ Personal) Relationships.

    I Dont Need The New Whatsapp Feature. Its Deleterious, And Removing It Is Much More Meaningful To Me Than The MOverick Rant About Blocking Unsolicited Broadcasts..

    It Is My Life. Give Me The Options To Determine Who Or What Bugs Me.

    I Leave You With These Wise Words, Oga MOverick “If You Say You Want To Close Your Eyes So That The Devil May Pass,You May Not Realize When An Angel Would Pass You Over”

  3. Ever heard: ‘how can you have the time to read my message but not the time to BRB me?’ I try to circumvent this by pulling down the notification tray on my Android smartphone for previews of these messages without opening the apps themselves. When the messages are user long? Those are almost always BCs.

  4. The rage about the SEEN and READ marks on Whatsapp is fueled by a culture of deceit, not convenience. People lie way too much already. Ah ah, na wetin? Why not simply say “I’m busy ” or set your status to reflect that. Or simply respond with a conversation killer like “Ok” or BRB? What’s the big deal in being truthful by the way?

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