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Exactly one year today, I published my very first post on Mobility Arena. It was titled ; GLO Network and GLO Bounce Palava, and it feels just like yesterday. For so long, I’ve been a Mobilista, following the blog for years on end. Last year, I finally got an opportunity arrived to be a part of the team I jumped in. So far so good, the experience has been wonderful.

It has been way beyond my expectations. The things I’ve seen, phones I’ve used, places I’ve gone, lessons learned, are all things that words cannot fully describe. They have included an invitation for a radio show, attending exclusive events, phone launch events, etc. I can’t even begin to list the names of wonderful people I’ve met (and many of them call me boss. LOL! I ain’t no boss yet.

Even Mister mobility has called me a rock star. Oh well. The truth really is that when it comes to this thing we do, Mr Mo is a beast. In fact he’s a god,a god of mobile!!. When he’s on his groove, he is unstoppable, tapping at his keyboards or dropping thoughts from his delirious mind. Sometimes I wonder if he’s of this earth or from another planet. He has been of great inspiration to me. There’s no passing day you don’t learn from him. But hey, the party’s just getting started.

Now the questions: Do I do it for the money? Oh well, if it were because of money, who knows – I might have left by now. Sometimes you realize that doing what you love is more important than the money that comes, because once you give away value, value returns to you. Money is only an exchange for the value.

Meanwhile, the bigger question. Am I a replacement for Mister Mo? Can I ever replace him? People have asked. I too have asked myself. I do what I can, but can anyone ever replace Mister Mo? I’ll leave that for you guys to ponder on smile.

Meanwhile, I am ever grateful for being a part of this team. To those that were here and are no longer around, to other members of the team, especially our background hustlers, @Gladchic and @Omonzua, and to the great @Moverick, I say “Thank you; Thank you”. It is a great experience being a part of the team behind Africa’s foremost and largest mobile technology blog.

To you our highly esteemed readers, I thank you. Your comments and criticisms are highly appreciated because they help us to keep things in check. It can only get better going forward. Meanwhile, keep reading and visiting Go tell your friends and folks. Na here e dey happen. Cheers!! and Happy Weekend.

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