The OnePlus 3 reminds us of this age long debate…

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After all the waiting plus various leaks, the OnePlus 3 was finally launched. Recall that this phone came with Snapdragon 820 chip, 16 MP/ 8 MP camera combination, and a whooping 6 GB of RAM. This last feature was the most voiced out selling point. You can already salivate to the level of multitasking this phone should offer, but this was not the case.


Early users reported that despite the advertised 6 GB of RAM, the OnePlus 3 couldn’t hold more than 4 apps in the background. Apps would restart when you tried to reopen them. “What then is the use of 6 GB RAM?”, users asked. OnePlus CEO, Carl Pei, was questioned, and his response – it was left that way to offer “the best user experience”. This was probably done to extend battery life on the phone.

As fate would have it, the geeks on XDA devised a means to take advantage of the full RAM capacity. This whole drama raises more questions on this ever long debate: Do we really need all these RAM? Why advertise a smartphone with 6 GB RAM and yet throttle it? What difference will more RAM make?

On the other hand, early reviewers claim that the OnePlus 3 is an awesome performer. Even rubbing shoulders with the Samsung Galaxy S7. The RAM issue is one that the owner can either live with or deal with.


  1. After reading so many reviews, I really want this phone. Please can mobility towers help me buy and import this phone. I will pay full price.

  2. I’ve read elsewhere that the RAM issues may be resolved with a future update. Did Project Butter die after Jelly Bean?

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