OnePlus 6T release date and In-screen fingerprint reader now official

In an exclusive email to CNET, OnePlus shared a screenshot that confirms bot the OnePlus 6T release date and an in-screen fingerprint reader for the phone.


The typical smartphone with a fingerprint reader has got it located either on the home button, or at the back of the phone. An in-screen fingerprint reader is one that is built into the display. The first phone with an in-display reader was the Vivo X30 Plus UD.

How in-screen fingerprint reader works

Holding your phone lights up the fingerprint sensor indicator to show you where to place your finger to unlock your device.  When you touch the designated area of the screen with your finger, a sensor array turns on the display to light your finger. Your fingerprint is then read by an optical image sensor and an AI processor. If the print matches, the screen unlocks. All this happens rather fast though.

But so far, it hasn’t worked as fast as what we are used to with normal fingerprint scanners. The company says it didn’t include an in-screen reader in OnePlus 5T for this reason, but is confident that the technology is mature enough now for them to implement a faster experience on the OnePlus 6T.

“We unlock our phones multiple times a day and Screen Unlock reduces the number of steps to complete the action”, OnePlus says.

The OnePlus 6T will still have the option to unlock with pattern, a password or Face unlock, so you can choose what works best for you.

OnePlus 6T release date

The screenshot released by OnePlus lists Wednesday 11th of October, which suggests to us that is the OnePlus 6T release date

OnePlus 6T release date and In-screen fingerprint reader

I am looking forward to a time when the in-screen fingerprint readers will not limit us to a specific area on the display but allow us unlock our phones by touching any area of the screen. That will be even cooler; right?

For now, thanks to the CNET exclusive, we have the OnePlus 6T release date, which is about a month from now. We wait.

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