Ongoing: Windows 10 trials on Xiaomi Mi4 smartphones

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Ramping up towards the official launch of Windows 10 later this year, Microsoft has made an official statement about testing Windows 10 on Xiaomi smartphones, specifically, the Mi4. The statement reads:

Through a new program with Xiaomi, one of the top smartphone distributors in the world, a select group of Xiaomi Mi 4 power users will be invited to help test Windows 10 and contribute to its future release later this year. These power users will have the opportunity to download the Windows 10 Technical Preview – installing it and providing their feedback to Microsoft.

This is interesting news. There are rumours that this is beyond just running and testing Windows 10 on Android devices, but that Microsoft has actually come up with a way to convert Android smartphones to Windows 10. If that is true, one can only imagine the full implications.

But for now, all that we have is what Microsoft has said officially. We will bring you more details as we receive updates.

  1. one would have thought they’d pick a device with only on screen buttons. don’t see what function the Android keys will serve in a Windows environment. as for dual booting, the problems and limitations exceed any potential value for anyone but the hardcore tech crowd. as for converting phones to Windows 10, since WP 8.1 most Android phones have been able to run WP

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