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You know how Twitter accounts get compromised: a hacked/compromised account sends you a dodgy link via DM; you click on it; and shortly after, your own account starts sending out spam and all. You have been compromised.

What a lot of people do not know is that clicking on such phishing links on mobile can be less dangerous than doing so on PC. You see, some phishing links take you to a copycat website that try to convince you that you are now logged out and need to re-enter your login details. Like this one:

Twitter phishing
You can see from the screnshot that though the site tries to pass itself off as Twitter in look and feel, the URL in the address bar gives it away. If you take the bait and enter your login details…. the end.

On Twitter, other dodgy links simply hijack your Twitter account directly and start sending out SPAM to your contacts. Beware of dodgy links all the time. Some of those hack/hijack attempts play on human nature, curiosity and the desire to know what people say/feel/think about us. Like this one:

Twitter Dodgy Links

One word: beware. To be sure, whenever you are sent a link, you can always ask the sender first if he indeed sent you a link that he intends for you to check out. If he confirms it, then you are good to go. If it is a spam message, you achieve two things: 1) you escaped; and 2) you alerted the sender that their account has been compromised.

If Compromised…

If your account is compromised in any way, you need to clear your browser cookies and any saved passwords, then change the password to your account. Choose something strong. “MyBestFriendEver” is a poor password. So is “YankeeDoodleForever.” No; don’t use the name of your pet, daughter, spouse or lover either. A combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters is your best bet.

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  1. Nice Security Alert For Those Who Ain’t that warry, most times Sighting those Phishing links Made me Laughs a lot. One thing most Twitter users Still Finds Very Difficult to Implement the Secured Sms verification Measure Basically meant For Login in Into Thier Account, i Believe With that Your Account Should Be 100% secured.

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