Open webpages in the background with Flynx

Posted by Etoniru Chibueze

Let’s say you were browsing through Facebook or Twitter and you come across a link you would like to visit. Most of the time, you prefer to read it later while still browsing through your timeline. This is where Flynx comes into the fray. It helps you load webpages in the background without having to leave your favorite apps.

You can then revisit it later and read as you please. This is convenience at it’s peak if you ask me.

Run along to Google Play Store and Download Flynx


  1. People’s brain are just working tirelessly to make us glued to our phones. Hope the next generation won’t be dullards

  2. Peter, people aren’t “working tirelessly to make us glued to our phones”, we do actually have a choice.

    This is just another app that makes browsing and flicking between apps a bit more manageable.

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