Here’s a brief low low down of news headlines we missed over the past week. Advertisement Opera now has a new logo. Advertisement The company wants to…

Opera has a new logo, Gmail adds block, unsubscribe features, and other news we missed last week

Here’s a brief low low down of news headlines we missed over the past week.



Opera now has a new logo.Opera-new-logo


The company wants to morph from a simple browser to a portal. The Opera team see themselves more as enablers who give you access to content, answers, communication, fun, data savings and other online experiences. The new logo is already on Opera Mini for iOS and Windows Phone . Over the next few months, we’ll see it on other Opera products like: Opera for Android, Opera Mini for Android, Opera for PC, Opera Max and Opera Coast.

China makes her own version of Windows XP.
China doesn’t follow the rest of the world, especially when it comes to internet services, they prefer to use their own homemade solutions. For instance, they replace Google with Baidu, Twitter with Weibo, and now the Chinese government wants to ditch Windows for a homemade OS called Neokylin. They say the new OS looks a lot like Windows XP and have apps like Microsoft Word, Excel and Recycle Bin.


Motorola celebrates it’s 87th birthday. On Saturday 26th of September, the mobile phone maker celebrated her 87th year of exsistence. The information was shared through a tweet.

We’re curious to know what they manufactured say 40 years ago. After all, there were no smartphones then.
In the past week, Gmail has added block and unsubscribe features to her Android app. With this in place users can now block emails from specific people (future emails from them go straight to spam folder). The unsubscribe feature is used for stopping newsletters you no longer read.


Microsoft prefers Baidu over Bing in China. While pushing Windows 10 to users in China, Microsoft has chosen to lay down their proprietary Bing in favour of Baidu. In a blogpost, Microsoft made the announcement. This simply means Baidu will be the default search service for users in China. Baidu would in turn, be a Windows 10 distribution channel.


That’s about the major news headline we missed last week.

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