This morning, Dayo notified me of the availability of Opera Mini 5.0 beta. What was exciting about the news was the mention that this version comes with…

Opera Mini 5.0 Beta Now Available; Multiple Tabs Now Official

This morning, Dayo notified me of the availability of Opera Mini 5.0 beta. What was exciting about the news was the mention that this version comes with multiple tabs!


I downloaded the new beta and gave it a quick go. My quick verdict: it rocks!

The tabs menu lets you open a new tab or switch between open tabs.


Tabs Menu
Tabs Menu

Opera Mini 5 beta features Speed Dial functionality similar to what obtains on Opera for PC. This is in a 3-column format with thumbnails giving you quick access to your favourite websites when a new tab is opened. You click on an empty slot to add a new speed dial.

New Speed Dial
New Speed Dial

The touchscreen version I am using on the X1 actually has touch functionaility. Tap and hold a spot on the page and a menu pops up to select text. Tap and hold a link and you get the options to open in a new tab or select text.


It also features an onscreen QWERTY keyboard that pops up anytime you need to enter text. Nifty.

On-screen keyboard
On-screen keyboard

There is a horizontal row of options at the bottom of the page. Tap the Settings icon and a row of options including Bookmarks, History, Saved Pages, Settings and more, pop up. Its all very intuitive.

Horizontal Pop-up Menu at page bottom
Horizontal Pop-up Menu at page bottom

Along with the usual suspects are full screen and other advanced options.

This version of Opera Mobile mimics the layout of the standard Opera Mobile browser quite well, and I am already thinking of adopting it as my default browser.

I really do like this version of Opera Mini.

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  1. Faster,functional and attractive…..what more can I say about Opera 5. It sure rocks. I am hoping and praying that future versions will include download functionality.

  2. the browser is fine but it has no t9 function. I’ll like a browser that i can minimise so i can do other things on d phone aside browsing. I will be happy if such can be recomended.

  3. Kayode, u should be able to minimise the browser if ur phone has a multi tasking feature. U simply minimise/leave it (Opera Mini 5) without exiting, do other things and continue with it later.
    If u like ‘t9’ included, give ur feedback to Opera. It may be included in the final ‘cooked’ version.

  4. I use a nokia 3110C. Certain features such as the on screen key board pop up is not seen on my phone. I think it is better to get a wide screen phone to really enjoy mobile browsing. How can I send a feed back to opera regarding d t9? Thanks Azeez, t9 makes typing very simple for me.

  5. OM 5-l like the slick interface,direct typing rather than using the native phone’s input,password manager-dont have to enter my gmailfacebook login details again.Downside,cant subscribe to feeds(but can view them).Hope future Om updates would support basic video like boltbrowser and text copy to the phone’s native notepad.Oh,i placed mobilityngeria is on my speed dial!

  6. Kayode, ur phone, 3110c is not a touchscreen device. So dont expect those Opera Mini features on it. To get ur feedback to Opera, from menu, go to ‘help’. U will see the link to the Opera site. On the site look for the feedback link. Goodluck!

  7. @kayode.To use T9 with opera 5,go to menu-settings-advanced and disable inline editing.Now this would enable u use ur phone’s text entry that’s T9 enabled!So this will save u the trip or surf to the Opera forum :).

  8. ….oops….I never thought of that. I turned off inline editing & it reverted me back to my phone’s text editor. It works well. Big ups, David.

  9. Downloaded OM 5b. But on trying to use,keeps receiving ‘NO WORKING CONNECTION’ i.e it has failed to install.
    Please any help on how to get it working the way
    OM 4.2 MOP was.
    I use a Nokia 3110c

  10. Pat, hope u are not using Mtn? Info reaching has it that Mtn has blocked access to opera mini.
    I also use nokia 3110c and i’ve been enjoying opera mini 5b since last friday (18th september) with my zain line.

  11. @ Jide. An earlier comment made on Mobility Nigeria by Yom on September 16th, 2009 at 7:34 pm:


    I agree on the need for service providers to provide affordable services. Yet, certain factors drive lower tariffs – one of them being mass adoption. When a critical mass of users subscribe to a paid service, it usually makes it possible for service providers to drop tariffs some more.

    Where I have a problem is with all the rage about MTN (and indeed any other service provider) blocking access to Opera Mini. People are not thinking this matter through.

    If you were a company offering a service (at a cost you deem makes business sense for you), and you observe that the huge majority of users of that service have found a way to use that service without paying you a kobo, would you turn the other way?

    You have invested millions of dollars (much of this in loans that are still outstanding), and are getting minimal returns because your service is being robbed.

    The laws of economics would allow you drop tariffs if these millions of thieves were paying for the service as required, but they are not. Instead they find a way around paying.

    Have you considered this?

    We keep complaining about network congestion – meaning that too many subscribers are already using the service. If people were paying, the occurrences of congestion would drop, but the thieving rogues who hack through to free internet contribute to the congestion.

    Have you considered that price is a means of keeping congestion in check? If you say that MTN should build more capacity for data on their network, with what funds? The funds that refuse to come in because many internet subscribers are not paying but browsing free through illegal hacks?

    I have no affiliations to MTN. I have never done a contract for them. But I am a business man – and in the technical field for that matter. I know the factors that are involved in this kind of scenario.

    If I find some of my customers to be exploiting my business the way MTN’s network is being exploited, I would block whatever channel they are using. If it means blocking an entire country or region from my service (like global brands like PayPal and GoDaddy have done), I would. Without looking back until things change.

    We can keep complaining all we like, but Nigerians are their own worst enemies. We are not backward because of colonialism. We are backward because we keep cooking up excuses for doing wrong.


  12. Ahmed,

    Thanks for the explanation as to the meaning of MOP. From the little I know of this, it seems to be another attempt at by-passing network charges, if I am correct. Can either you or Pat explain further?


  13. I downloaded d opera mini5b a week ago, i used it that very day and i enjoyed it so much. Surprisingly, since then it has not been opening again, it tells me ”no link” when ever i try opening it. What do i do about it?

  14. My problem is this i need the settings coz it has refused to install.i use mtn,my phone is sony ericsson k770i.thnxs

  15. Hi.
    I’ve been having probs with OM5b.
    I can’t open my mails, log into my facebook account event post comments on mobility nigeria etc.
    When ever i try d above the application closses.
    I’ve now switched back to opera mini 4.2.
    What could be responsible for d problems….
    Please help.

  16. I hav gathered a lot just hearin about d opera mini 5beta, and its quite interestin. i just want to knw if it wil work on my nokia 5300 and ow i can go about downloadin’ it. Thank u Kayode.

  17. @benedict.

    Download opera mini5 beta from on your pc then transfer it to your phone via blue tooth or cable.

    I’ve discovered that OM 5beta on my nokia 3110c only works with zain internet settings and access point. I’ve tried other network configuration with om but it doesn’t work. It think it’s bcos of d absence of access points.

  18. @kayode disable inline editing in opera mini’s settings and you will be able to use your phone’s native t9 to enter the text

  19. Can u tell me how to make opera mini work on my nokia 5300 i keep getting failed to connect to the internet

  20. Opera mini 5 beta closes abruptly.

    It really pains after typing some paragraphs and u are on able to post the comment or send d mail.

  21. Thanks guys for all your comments. Pls, can somebody send me the download link for opera mini 5 so that i can also enjoy what you people are enjoying.

  22. Ubon,

    To download Opera Mini 5.0, simply visit the address using your phone’s default Web browser.

  23. Could it be that zain has blocked access to opera mini ? All my versions of opera are not opening pages again and i’ve switched to another type of browser with less features.

  24. I have seen and testify that this new opera 5.0beta among the web browser. Ever since I see how it works in my friend’s phone, very fast. I downloaded the opera 5.0beta to my nokia3110c but it fail to install, please help me to install it.

  25. I have checked the settings well and they are ok but the OP 5BETA fail to install in my nokia3110c. It usually write NO WORKING NETWORK DETECTED. Help me pls.

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