Opera Mini is now available as a native Symbian application. Opera Mini is that popular mobile browser that helps users save time and cost through

Opera Mini 5.1 Beta (native Symbian app) now out

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operamini2Opera Mini is now available as a native Symbian application. Opera Mini is that popular mobile browser that helps users save time and cost through its proxy-based service. Traditionally, it has been java-based.

Some of the advantages of now having it as a native Symbian app include:

  • Huge start up time improvements
  • Lightning fast page load times
  • Improved scrolling performance
  • Integration with your device’s native text input (by default, the Opera virtual keyboard is used for entering URLs, but you can switch this to always use native T9 or QWERTY – depending on your device)
  • Option to choose default access point – no more annoying connection dialogs

The even nicer part of this release is that it is backwards compatible with much older Symbian smartphones from Series 60 v2.0 handsets, as well as with the latest Symbion devices, e.g. the N8. Remember though that it is a beta release and will not necesarilly be trouble-free.

You can download Opera Mini 5.1 Beta by going to http://m.opera.com/ on your Symbian phone, or to the Opera Mini Website on your PC.

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  1. Would love to check it out too, but i fall into the category of late adopters. Kay and the rest use and let us get your report.

  2. This Release has me truly confused. What is the difference between this release and the Opera MOBILE line of apps?

    Opera Mobile 10 for native symbian exists. What difference. Kay123? Anyone?

  3. I am using this new opera to post this.

    I have noticed it starts up faster, loads pages faster.

    The code size is far less than Opera Mobile’ 10s – which is Symbian native as well.

    When you copy text off screen, it now goes into the system clipboard asd well. Nice.

    When searching, no mater the keyboard layout/input style you chose, you can now select the search engine you wish to use

    you can now choose the default access point.

    It looks and feels like a java Opera Mini. I believe this is a renamed scaled down (in some ways)/ optimised version of Opera Mobile 10, with the Opera Mini look & feel!

    With my Swype for symbian, ‘Cursor jump’ is no longer working!

    My observations so far…

  4. I have been carefully comparing – over time – the page load speeds of UC Browser & Opera Mini and data compression rates.

    prior to this release, the general feel i got (nothing scientific) -was that UC Browser easily trumps OM in speed (at the expense of page aesthetics).

    With this release, it looks like Opera as caught up. Kudos!

    Now, i wil compare the average comparative data compression rates (UC Web was also my winner – consistently)

  5. For this Opera, i Was Trying to see if there are data compression improvements- using UC Browser 7.4 (Symbian) as benchmark.

    Opera – 75k
    Uc – 33k

    Opera – 18k
    Uc – 12k


    Opera -16k
    Uc – 22k

    I used mconnection to monitor data volume consumption)

    In consonance with my observation in the past, the general trend seems to STILL be that UC is still ahead of this Opera Mini Symbian in data compression rate (at least in adaptive / mobile mode)

    I think i will still stick to UC Mobile, and use this Opera only when UC fails to perform…

    By the way, my Swype is now working properly with this release. Must have been a temporary glitch…

  6. Er…does it work with mtn at all? I’ve installed it but it’s not connecting. Trying with my glo now.

  7. Just downloaded it, haven’t tested it yet doesn’t it work with mtn cause i get the feeling it doesn’t

  8. This is real good. Opera mini is my best browser in iOS. I am expecting a Symbian device soon. So would give it a try then!

  9. I just tried using it on mtn and met a brickwall. So there’s it people. the new Opera mini is definitely not for mtn subscribers. I do hope a workaround comes out for it

  10. Yep, no go with mtn, but works perfectly with glo. Anyone with a contrary experience? I can’t help wondering how mtn and opera mini manage to co-exist on the nokia c3

  11. @martinkem & Lbankz,

    Actually, there is a very legal way around this issue that is very simple and encouraged by MTN themselves. But as you might expect, MTN will never give you a free lunch. Opera mini works fine on my Blackberry with BIS from MTN. If it works on the new C3, its on the same principle which is: Your money is already taken upfront so they have no fear of you trying to hack and browse for free. Remember the C3 comes with N1000/ one month prepaid data. What happens after the one month will be interesting to see.

  12. Opera mini does not work on Nokia C3 if you are using MTN, I tried it today.
    Posting from the new Opera, and I must say that it is way better than the previous one.

  13. I don’t thinks it’s about the money cause i have subscribed to their 1000 naira monthly data bundle

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