Opera Mini 8 for iOS available now

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Opera Mini 8 for iOS

The latest update of Opera Mini for iOS comes with a new amazing look using a new UI that supports the iOS 7 transparency design to visualize layers yet still sports its full features.

With the new opera Mini 8, users can still browse faster and save data with two compression mode options and a non-compression mode:

  • The first option is the Opera Mini mode which compresses web traffic to its fullest, thereby saving you up to 90% of data.
  • Then you have the Turbo mode which also compresses web traffic and saves data but at a lesser rate of up to 50% but offers better images and browsing experience.
  • And of course you also have the option of turning data savings off and enjoy your browsing to its maximum.

You can get to your favourite sites quickly from the speed dial feature or you can just swipe left to discover new contents. Also the open tabs are now stacked up so you can go through them by swiping either right or left. You swipe up to close a tab. The ability to search has also been made easy as the new browser combines both the search and address bars into one.

You can download Opera Mini 8 from the Apple App Store for free, both for the iPhone and iPad.

Source: Opera Software

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