Opera Mini for Windows Phone gets the Modern UI treatment

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Opera Mini beta for Windows Phone received an update that changed its look and feel from the generic look to something more Modern-inspired. It now fits perfectly into the Windows Phone design outlook. Here is a comparison of what Opera Mini for Windows Phone looked like before the update (left) and what it looks like now (right):

Opera Mini WP before and metro

The new layout is certainly breezier and more finger friendly. Like it? I do!

The new user interface aside, Opera Mini is renowned for compressing web pages by as much as 90%, helping the user to browse faster and save data and internet costs.

Download Opera Mini beta for Windows Phone


  1. There is the Opera Mini Beta, for Android, which is a radical departure from the older normal Opera Mini Browser, in terms of User Interface.

    I guess this new UI is what’s been implemented on this WindowsPhone version.

    However, the compression ratio on the newer version (Android) is nowhere near the Older Ones.

    I wonder what the new User Interface has to do with compression level, and if the same scenario would play out on this WindowsPhone version?

  2. I wonder why it’s still in beta, well it’s still not cool as I expected still slows my 535

  3. Just updated the opera mini on my 535….no longer support news feeds…no back and forth arrow keys no opera sync…..bookmarks arrangement is crap…when I enter url it takes me to search page….its overall slow…please this update has done more harm.

  4. no longer support news feeds: true
    no back and forth arrow keys: swipe horizontally – left to go back and right to go forward
    no opera sync: true
    bookmarks arrangement is crap: I’m not sure how you mean.
    when I enter URL it takes me to search page: entering a URL works properly here
    its overall slow: it seems fairly fast here

  5. Don’t rush to update
    There was an article 9n thislalast week
    You wait for Ppl to update then get review

  6. They should do the same to Opera for Android: update it to reflect Google’s Material Design guidelines. Currently,it looks exactly like Opera on, say, the Nokia Asha series.

  7. Maybe I should just downgrade to the previous version….please Mr Mo….is there a way I could return to the previous version of the Opera Mini on my Lumia 535? Thanks in advance.

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