Opera today unleashed the final version of Opera Mobile 10.1 for Symbian/Series 60 phones, with significantly faster JavaScript performance for a speedy browsing experience. Making

Opera Mobile 10.1 for Symbian goes final

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Opera today unleashed the final version of Opera Mobile 10.1 for Symbian/Series 60 phones, with significantly faster JavaScript performance for a speedy browsing experience.

Making its debut in Opera Mobile 10.1 for Symbian is just-in-time compilation (JIT) performance optimization to the Carakan JavaScript engine, the same powerful engine that drives Opera’s desktop browser. Speed trials of today’s release show that Opera Mobile 10.1 races ahead of its predecessor, performing nine times faster than Opera Mobile 10.0 on the SunSpider JavaScript test.

Location, location, location… Also making its debut in Opera Mobile 10.1 is support for geolocation, which puts you and your mobile on the map. Geolocation enables web services such as maps and travel applications to recognize your location to provide you with customized, relevant content. Your privacy is in your hands, and you choose if and when Opera Mobile shares your position.

“Powerful smartphones deserve an equally powerful browser,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “Opera Mobile 10.1 today brings the best mobile browsing experience to the world’s most popular smartphone platform.”

Here are more reasons to put Opera Mobile 10.1 in the driver’s seat for your Symbian mobile browsing:

  • Pioneering features from Opera — such as Speed Dial, tabbed browsing, Opera Link and password manager — reduce the time and typing required to navigate your favorite websites.
  • When slow network speeds put the brakes on your browsing, gear up with Opera Turbo compression. Opera servers shrink webpages to as little as 20 percent of their original size, reducing your data costs and turbo-charging your browsing speed.
  • Opera Mobile fine-tunes the look and feel of your browsing with kinetic scrolling, a virtual keyboard and auto-rotation to landscape.

Opera Mobile 10.1 is available for smartphones based on Symbian^3, and Symbian S60 3rd and 5th editions. Opera Mobile is free to download from m.opera.com. Read more about Opera Mobile at www.opera.com/mobile.

Source.Thanks to EyeBeeKay for the tip-off.


  1. Now, will someone be kind enough to explain the big differences between this new release (Opera Mobiles in general) and the OperaMini 5.1 SYMBIAN (native) released somee two-three weeks ago?

    The code size of this one is about five times that of the OperaMini Symbian!
    Operationally, i am yet to detect any significant difference , based on what i use the mobile browser for.

    A difference I have noticed, though: i can not get a site like http://www.4shared.com to download with the OperaMini Symbian / Java Uc Mobile Symbian / Javaor Bolt. Only Opera Mobile and the native inbuilt Browsers can!

    Maybe the wen technologists in. the house can shed some light on this..

  2. EyeBeeKay,

    Omini is targeted more at resource-challenged devices, while Omobile is targeted at higher-specified smartphones.

    Omini’s rendering engine is based on Opera’s servers, while Omobile’s engine is installed on your smartphone.

    Omini transfers all your data through Opera’s servers, while on Omobile, turbo is optional and you may opt to browse without any proxy.

    Omini renders less content (and so is often faster) than Omobile, because it is designed for devices with smaller displays and less powerful CPUs.

    That pretty much sums it up.

  3. Does mtn allow access from Opera Mobile? Like eyebeekay said, i barely noticed any difference using Omobole & Omini on my S60v3.

  4. Well will rather stick with the one they released two weeks ago than waste 5.4mb for no observable difference..its not like this new one has flash…

  5. Shayman,

    Observable or not, the differences are there. Lots of improvements in technology are not observable until and unless you find yourself in a situation where the improvements are required.

    Except your device is running on limited CPU and/or RAM (or you want to save more costs with Omini’s better compression), you are better off with Omobile.

  6. Tnx, Yomi, for that explanation.

    Well, I have installed this new version.for all that it is worth. I doubt i will use it much, though, because all those listed differences are not observable in. actual day2day operation on my current device (@ least for what i currently use the mobile browser for)

    fact is, my Nokia 5800 was already giving out-of memory error – something i have not experienced in a long long while (certainly not while using less memory-thirsty versions of OM!)

    i would also like to say that Opera Mobile feels really lethargic.

    generally, i see no real benefits of using it…for now..

  7. EyeBeeKay,

    If you are already experiencing out-of-memory errors, that’s a resource challenge. You are better off with Opera Mini. The on-device rendering engine will task your device.

    Opera Mobile 10.1 flies and runs smoothly on the N8 here. It should, with the N8 having about 150MB free RAM at boot.

  8. Yes. Wil stick to the OMini Symbian , when UC Mobile disappoints.

    Will use this resources hog when loading dynamic pages (sulk remember top close all other background applications hooooraaaay!)

  9. Was just thinking – is there a technical reason why we can not have phones that allow the upgrade of the onboard memory of our smartphones- the way we do on our PCs – the way we swap our memory card?

    We would then be taking yet another step towards “PC-fying”our smarties!

  10. Eyebeekay u mean uc mobile sucks?…noticed thats what you’ve been using for a while now..and can remember you praised it few weeks ago…lol

  11. Was just thinking – is there a technical reason why we can not have phones that allow the upgrade of the onboard memory of our smartphones- the way we do on our PCs – the way we swap our memory card?

    We will get there someday – probably not too far off.

  12. UC Browser is very good but Opera is better. It is more organised and displays pages better and brighter (its like LED and LCD, you only notice that LED is better when wacthing premium contents). Sites Opera displays easily are not full displayed on uc.

    The only stumbling block between me and opera is MTN. Sometimes it goes sometime it doesnt.

  13. @shayman, i feel uc is good. It is just that it occasionally misbehaves. OMini does too! I use the two – uc more.

    Unlike bosun99uk, though, i would not just say OMini is better.

    They both have their areas of strength and weakness.

    all in all, i prefer uc because the pluses, for me, are more!

  14. The major strength of Opera Mini / Mobile over uc Mobile is the more pleasing page rendering.

    But uc is catching up fast. Check out the older versions of uc and compare with the more recent versions.

    In. most other way, i feel uc trumps Opera – Speed, compression rate, copy&paste, file and download management…

  15. Opera mini consumes less data, It also displays better than UC.
    I’m waiting for the final version of Omini 5.1.

  16. I’ve been using UC browser for the past 5 days, and I have to say it trumps OMINI for my specific needs:1 a better rendering of “mobilised” websites, eg the bbc website. I keep strolling sideways when navigating this website with MINI(native Symbian or Java). With UC text fits the screen perfectly, as it does with Bolt, but I have had to discard Bolt because of 2:copy and paste which UC does excellently. With Mini, I get lots of “square” symbols and misaligned words when pasting into Quickoffice. This problem doesn’t exist with UC. To crown it all, UC is on friendly terms with all 4 GSM operators! So for the moment, I’ll be playing more with UC while keeping an eye on Mini(native Symbian) for when it goes out of beta.

  17. I use operamini simply because it renders bigger pages better, has better scrolling, dont know bout the bandwidth compression rate…but overall i prefer the skin to any other browser..

  18. @shay. . I believe you have the latest version of uc. Go to settings and them under display tab switch off page segmentation

  19. Only God knows when MTN will stop this.
    I tried using Opera on iPad and it also didn’t go (using MTN for Internet on the iPad)

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