Opera Mobile 10 beta 2, Skyfire 1.5, Bolt Browser 1.6, now out

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The mobile browser wars are on in full steam, with updates from a number of developers.

Opera Mobile 10 beta 2. Opera Mobile needs no introductions, so we’ll just cut to the chase. Beta 2 of this amazing browser has been relesed. It is mostly bug-fixes and a number of usability enhancements. You don’t want to stay on bet 1; do you.
m.opera.com/mobile. Go now!

Bolt, the java-based mobile web browser, is now on version 1.6. This version offers faster page rendering, and a password manager, among others. Head over to boltbrowser.com to download your copy.

skyfireSkyfire has been touted as the best mobile browsing experience on Windows Mobile in terms of speed and content delivery. It lets you watch any video, and so far we haven’t found one video embedded in a web page that we couldn’t watch on Skyfire). It also supports all major Web 2.0 standards – Ajax, Javascript, and Flash 10.

Well, Skyfire just got hotter with version 1.5 delivering full-screen action, smoother scrolling and the latest versions of Flash 10 and Silverlight, among others.

Skyfire is available only for Windows Mobile and Nokia phones. Get your free copy on your phone from get.skyfire.com.

There it is, our roundup of mobile browser releases this season.

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