Opera Mobile 10 has moved on to beta 3. Opera claims that the new version “is faster at rendering pages, zooming, panning and almost everything

Opera Mobile 10 beta 3 adds Flash Lite 3.1

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omob featuresOpera Mobile 10 has moved on to beta 3. Opera claims that the new version “is faster at rendering pages, zooming, panning and almost everything else you do with a browser. And pages load up to 50% faster than the previous version.

The new version also now sports Flash Lite 3.1 on Windows Mobile (touchscreen devices only). This enables viewing of embedded videos. We haven’t verified this, but it sounds good.

There are a host of other features listed over at the Opera mobile website, but if you are really in a hurry, you can head over and download Opera Mobile 10 beta 3 to your PC, or m.opera.com/mobile using your phone’s default Web browser.

Please note that there are some differences in the improvements across the two different platforms, Symbian and Windows Mobile. Some features available for one platform are not available for the other.

Thanks to Windows Mobile Experts for the heads-up.


  1. What about improvement in compression technology? Opera 10 is expensive to run. The bytes just keep adding up. In this regard, mobile browsers like teashark are giving worthwhile competition to Opera.

  2. Strictly speaking, being built on Java, TeaShark is in a different class of browsers from Opera Mobile. A comparison between TeaShark and Opera Mini is more in order.

  3. Thanks for the explanation.

    I still am not digging opera mobile due to its appetite for bytes. Sometimes performance matter over what type of technology is used.

    I am thinking that cost per Mb has so reduced world over that stingy opera mini had to be axed for a more visually appealing and functional Opera mobile. Alas in Nigeria, those bytes are still expensive.

  4. Well, Opera Mini hasn’t been axed for Opera Mobile. The development of both browsers proceed in parallel.

    Opera Mini was designed to give the most basic browsing experience by squeezing out every possible byte. Opera Mobile, on the other hand aims to deliver the richest browsing experience possible – javascript, video, AJAX et al. Only a limited amount of compression is possible if that rich experience is to be delivered. Rich web means more data consumption.

    It is the reason why Opera Mobile is available for smartphone platforms only – where there is likely to be a greater need for rich web capabilities, while Opera Mini is available for the most basic mobile phones, so long as java-compatibility is available.

    By the way, beta versions of Opera Mobile 10 for Android and Opera Mini for iPhone will be shown at MWC 2010 which starts on Monday. Great moves by Opera!

  5. Too bad opera mobile 10 beta 3 only supports flash lite 3.1 in winmo devices. I would have expected support for s60 too since the s60 web browser supports flash lite. But alas that is not the case… Well there is always skyfire & bolt also supports in app video streaming so for now we wait for opera to up its game.

  6. Just as Archie has pointed out, using Opera Mobile is expensive. Before now I was rooting for it but a after a few days of use, I was shocked to discover that it is a bandwidth-hogging browser and it doesnt compress data like Opera Mini. I would have loved to continue using it(Opera 10), having just installed Flash Lite 3.1 on my phone last week. The high cost of using it has made me gone back to my good old Opera 4.2.

  7. Guys, quit whining about Opera Mobile being a bandwidth hog. You just didn’t do your research before jumping on it. It wasn’t designed to save you bandwidth like that, though it uses some measure of compression (and so still saves you some cost compared to other browsers in its class).

    According to Opera:

    Opera 10 is based on the latest Opera browser engine so your favorite Web sites work as they do on a your computer.

    As said before, that means flash, videos, AJAX, etc – and translate to bandwidth. What you are griping about is not a fault of the browser. It is its strength.

    It is like complaining that Skyfire is a bandwidth hog, and Skyfire has compression technology too. But of course, it should be a bandwidth hog. According to Skyfire:

    Browse your favorite websites on Skyfire exactly like you do on your PC. No compromises! We’re the only mobile browser to support all major Web 2.0 standards – Ajax, Javascript, Flash 10 – it just works.

    All those features mean bandwidth.

    If we want to compare, it should be between Skyfire and Opera Mobile. They both have the same set of objectives. In terms of features, Opera Mobile seems to be trying to catch up with Skyfire at the moment, though we don’t like how Skyfire handles text.

  8. I guess u meant u r expecting opera to produce a version that support streaming…i believe with time, that would be done.

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