The excellent version 10 beta of Opera Mobile browser has now found its way to Windows Mobile devices. Initially released with a version for Symbian


Opera Mobile 10 beta now available for Windows Mobile

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Image04The excellent version 10 beta of Opera Mobile browser has now found its way to Windows Mobile devices. Initially released with a version for Symbian devices only, WinMo users can now browse to to download their copy.

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  2. With the proliferation of different mobile OSes, I guess mobile developers have more (avoidable?) headaches. Opera developers (as well as other mobile software developers) have to battle the fragmentation of their markets by producing different versions of their software (for different OSes & occasionally for versions of the same OS!). A real nightmare!

    For a geek like me, choosing the phone to use is predominantly determined by the DIVERSITY of available software on the platform on which that particular phone runs. A Nokia N900 may be wonderful to have. But what is the point of having a sophisticated phone that does not have enough third party software available for it to run?

    Waiting is NOT an option. By the time there is enough software available for a phone running a new platform, another snazzier OS will probably have debuted!Back to square ZERO!

    Look @ how long the owners of Symbian S60 Version 5 phones (Nokias 5800 & N97, and Samsung Omnia) had to wait to get their own version of Opera Mobile.

    I guess the Mobile OS industry will eventually narrow down to a FEW dominant OS to 1) make life easier for the Mobile Software developers 2) eliminate the rampant need to wait for the right versions (of specific Mobile OS) of favourite software to be released.

    For instance, when I made a move from an S60v3 Nokia 3250 to an S60v5 powered Nokia 5800, I was unable to continue to use a number of applications to which I had got so accustomed. Still waiting for when (the time may never come !) the S60v5 versions of these apps will be released.

    So, hyperbolically, when is the Maemo Version of Opera Mobile launching? The Android? The Bada? You see my line of reasoning?

  3. EyeBeeKay,

    I am not worried about the proliferation of mobile OS platforms and the problems of developers porting their apps to those platforms.

    As you may have observed, I prefer to spend my hard-earned money on devices that meet my needs out-of-the-box, such that I ever only need install the barest minimum of 3rd party apps on that device.

    It is why the N900 is not for me, not having documents editing out of the box. Why should I pay for a premium device and not be able to edit office files out-of-the-box?

    I like the way that Robert Hall puts it:

    There is a well known slogan “there’s an app for that” which I particularly despise.

    Why? When someone can market a device, label it a smartphone and then tell me that every “smart” feature I could possibly want, depends on installing an app, then I will find another device to use. As that one was not made for me. “There’s an app for that”? Well, here’s my new slogan “There’s a DEVICE for that.”

    Do you get my point? I shouldn’t have to depend on an “app store” to make my device into what it had ought to be from the get go.

    Personally, the less apps I have to install on my device the better. For me, it means that my device “packs a punch” from out of the box. Where others have to add to gain functionality, I don’t.

    Read his full articles, I Don’t Get “App Stores”….., and I Don’t Get “App Stores”…(Pt.2). I agree with him. The more 3rd party applications a device needs to meet the needs of the user, the more inferior it clearly is.

    For example, while I have played around with Opera Mobile 10 beta on my Nokia E90 – and like it, it is largely redundant, since the built-in browser takes care of my needs already.

  4. Mr Yom, if I read you correctly, you are saying, for instance, that you WOULD PREFER A COMPUTER that has all (or MOST) of the software (you think – @ the moment) you need – already installed out of the box? And, on top of that, may have no or LIMITED extensibility feature, third_party_software_wise?

    It is good / convenient to have MOST of the software you need preinstalled on your phone/pc/laptop. But, you can not deterministically predict what you will need in just one year’s time. That is why I would prefer an EMPTY shell of a phone, but with the ability to run numerous available third_party software, in the gazillions!

    On my Nokia 5800, for instance, I have practically ALL the software offered by EpocWare (Handy Shell, Handy BlackList , Handy Calendar, Handy Clock, e.t.c). I also have the ones offered by the SmartPhoneWare guys (Best Expense, Best Profiles, Best Conversation, Best ScreenSnap. etc), among others. For the MobiSystems guys, I have Office Suite, MsDict Dictionary. Just a few of the INDISPENSABLE software I have installed, third party.

    I do not see how ANY phone can be released -that will have, out-of-the-box, the kind of functionality I have on the Nokia 5800 – BY VIRTUE OF AVAILABLE third party software -BY VIRTUE of having bought a phone with the RIGHT OS.

    Hope I am communicating my views with enough felicity?

  5. EyeBeeKay,

    You asked:

    Mr Yom, if I read you correctly, you are saying, for instance, that you WOULD PREFER A COMPUTER that has all (or MOST) of the software (you think – @ the moment) you need – already installed out of the box? And, on top of that, may have no or LIMITED extensibility feature, third_party_software_wise?

    If you read what I wrote correctly, it is clear that I am saying no such thing.

    You may not see how ANY phone can be released – that will have, out-of-the-box, the kind of functionality you have on the Nokia 5800 by virtue of installed third party software, but I regularly buy phones that give me the kind of functionality that I need. And believe me when I say that I do insane things on my phone.

    I hardly ever need more than three (3) 3rd party apps at any time on most devices I buy. Most of what I need is usually built-in. Now, that’s the difference between the two of us. My phones are almost always ready for use from the moment I pick them up. Mobile bliss.

    This, in essence, is the crux of my comment above, and of Robert Hall’s articles.

    Read his articles again. To help you, here are things he did not say: He did not kick against 3rd party apps. He did not say they are useless. He did not say that the ability to install 3rd party apps is not needed. He did not say that he prefers a computer with no or LIMITED extensibility feature, third party software-wise.

    And I did not either. You read incorrectly. The felicity that you sought to present in expression was more needed in your reading of what Robert and I expressed 😉


  6. EyeBeeKay,

    By the way, a Nokia 5800 is not in any way a premium device. If I had to install all the apps you listed above in order to be able to use a Nokia E90 or Sony Ericsson X1 comfortably, I would consider myself insane.

    Note the emphasis on “premium”.

  7. So, what happens to software obsolescence? You have all the software you need installed on that PREMIUM phone. Good! Need I mention that Software becomes outdated FASTER than hardware?

    I insist that it is defeatist buying that PREMIUM phone because it has all the ‘needed’ software CURRENTLY..

    Different folks, different strokes, I suppose!

  8. EyeBeeKay,

    I agree that software often becomes outdated faster than hardware. Still, consider if you please that the E90 was released in June 2007 (that’s over 2 years ago), and all pre-installed software still get the job done today and as good as any on newer devices, and it does not seem so much of an issue.

    Defeatist? No; I call it being smart. Still, you are right that it is a case of different strokes for different folks. There’ll be people who hold both positions for as long as we both live 🙂

    – of exceptional quality or greater value than others of its kind; superior: a wine made of premium grapes.

    – of higher price or cost.

  9. Of course I know the meaning of ‘premium’. Remember I have a capable dictionary in both my head and that my non-PREMIUM Nokia5800. I am aware of too. Just joking!

    Seriously, what makes a phone PREMIUM?. I challenge you to tell me one single thing that your Nokia E90 can do that a software-assisted NON-premium Nokia 5800 can NOT!

    Sorry if it looks like I am going off topic, but I am just trying to get a point across – that it is false to believe that a bare.bones phone can NOT be as functional (or even more so!) than an expensive and loaded ‘premium’ device..

    Do not forget the challenge!

  10. EyeBeeKay,

    You said:

    Seriously, what makes a phone PREMIUM?. I challenge you to tell me one single thing that your Nokia E90 can do that a software-assisted NON-premium Nokia 5800 can NOT!

    That’s the point I’m making that you’ve just reinforced with your statement. 😉


  11. To me i think what makes any device premium should be based on the hardware and not the software. Any application not pre-installed go the device originally can be installed later and the good news of it all is that some of these applications are freeware. But if you so called premium device is lacking a hardware feature like suppose in built flash, gps or wifi. You have no other option than to buy another device that has those features. A practical example are the original owners of iphone 2G who had to buy another iphone (3G) to use 3G connection and subsequently to 3GS due to its better camera, speed and GPS

  12. I guess you are into Judo as well ? (where you attempt to use your opponents’ strength to defeat them).

    It is either you are bad Student, or I am a bad Teacher. Let me just drop my persuasive arguments on this one!

    My regards Sir!

  13. @eye bee kay
    All that interest in this discussion is the nokia 5800.

    I was at slot last monday for window shoping and on seeing the price tag of the 5800 it kept me wondering about the capability of the phone.

    Is it a smart or dumb phone.

    I’m think steping to a smart phone and the 5800 is quite affordable.

    Kindly advise if i should go for it. I’ve not seen enough info about the phone online. I only have info about 5800xpress music which i think is a different phone.

  14. @kayode. I am a Computer Science graduate. Been into IT for years. I should know, more than the average user, the power of software as a vital component of a system.

    Go for the Mola 5800 ExpressMusic. Do not waste your money on unnecessarily expensive phones. My definition of premium is the level of SERVICE I get from a phone (software + hardware). As I said earlier, I will like to be shown just one functionality that can be got from ANY phone that is not available with my software -EMPOWERED Nokia 5800.

  15. Kayode,

    The 5800 is a bargain for its price, but if EyeBeeKay does not let sentiments cloud what he learnt about IT, he should be able to confirm to you that such bargains come at the cost of some form of compromise in functionality cum performance or the other.

    If all you need is a smartphone – at least to test the waters of the smartphone world, go with the 5800. It is a great device. Excellent music player. Very loud loudspeakers. Not bad touchscreen experience. Plus, you get the standard S60 on-board software and features.


    • if for example you need to type a lot of text (like I do), you should be looking at an E63 or E71, or other smartphone with QWERTY keyboard
    • if you need more than average camera pictures, you should be looking for something else
    • if you need more than average audio and video recording, shop for something else too
    • if you need to create and/or edit office documents without having to pay for an upgrade to the built-in viewer, do examine alternatives, preferably E-series devices

    While I may not be a computer science graduate, I do know phones like the back of my hands, and I can tell you authoritatively that no amount of software added to the 5800 will make it give you a better text-entry experience, produce better pictures, or produce better videos than some premium devices I know of.

    The key is, look at exactly what you need vis-a-vis your budget, find the phone that best fits and buy that. If the 5800 is that phone, that’s what you need to buy then.


  16. Thanks eyebeekay. I just want to be sure b4 i spend money. Kindly brief me more about ur mola 5800 xpress music or post a link that will show the features. I hope it’s not a touch screen cos i believe touch screens are fragile. The 5800xm i saw online is a touch screen.

    Guys, you can continue the 5800 discussion under an appropriate topic or create a post for it in the forums. Thanks – Admin

  17. I enjoyed the long debate and “Mr MobiNaija” wrapped things up nicely.

    I maintain both Nokia E75 and Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. The former for serious business and the latter just for entertainment.

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