Yesterday, Opera Software announced two new browsers. You will remember how recently Opera has ditched its work on VPNs and restated its drive to double


Opera Touch Review: PC and mobile browsing become one

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Yesterday, Opera Software announced two new browsers. You will remember how recently Opera has ditched its work on VPNs and restated its drive to double down on browsers. The company gave up Opera Max to Samsung and retired Opera VPN. Apparently, they have been hard at work. The result is a new mobile browser, Opera Touch and a new PC browser that work seamlessly together.


I have been using Opera as my default PC browser for months, and so this sounded like something right up my alley. So, I proceeded to download both the new Opera Touch for mobile and the new Opera browser for PCs. If this combination works well, it just might be the time for me to make Opera my preferred mobile browser again after many years.

Installation And Setup

When I ran the PC installation, I got a prompt to upgrade my exiting browser. Nice. A part of me had wondered if this was going to carry over my old stuff. Did it? Yes!!! It would have been a colossal fail if it didn’t. So, I got the new Opera for PCs up and running with all my bookmarks and settings carried over.


The first time I launched Opera Touch on my phone, it prompted me to sync with the new Opera browser for PCs. Before now, I had refused to use PC-browser sync on any platform. They all required a login. That is just too much fuss for me. The new Opera browser does it without a login – similar to the way WhatsApp does with WhatsApp for Web: all I needed to do was scan a QR code on the PC browser with my phone. No passwords. No logins. It is called My Flow and Opera says it is end-to-end encrypted.

Opera Flow In Use

As I typed this on PC, I took a glance at my phone and see that Opera Touch is offering me to “Continue from computer”, and it had all my active PC tabs listed for me to select from. Nice. This page that I am editing is one of the options presented to me. I tap it to open and continue editing where I left off on my PC.


Opera Touch - My Flow

Nice. So, I am able to switch between working on PC and mobile browsers seamlessly in real time.

Sadly, Opera Touch wouldn’t upload files from my phone. I tried to add a screenshot from my phone memory to this page without success. This is the point where Opera Touch fails:
opera touch and wordpress media uploader fail
Tapping the “Select Files” button produces no action. Nothing. It works in Chrome and quite a number of other mobile browsers that I have tested. This is a deal breaker for me, as I do some blogpost creation and editing on my mobile.


What else is new in Opera Touch and PC Browsers?

The Fast Action Button (FAB) is a new feature. It is a centrally located button at the bottom of Opera Touch’s screen that is always available on the browser screen and gives you direct access to the most recent tabs and search features. You can also close a tab with it and send a web page to Flow. Simply put, I am able to use Opera Touch with one hand.

The old Opera browser for PC had WhatsApp and Messenger messaging built in. I find this feature nifty and was looking forward to seeing it alongside the new features. Both are still in the new Opera PC browser alongside older features like Personal news, Speed dial, History, and Bookmarks. And there are new features in there too. They include: Instant search, Snapshot (which captures your PC screen).

My Impressions?

Opera Touch and its superb synchronisation with Opera Browser for PC is an impressive job by Opera. Do I like it? Am I Mister Mo?! I do. It makes web browsing on PC great for me and I would love to use Opera Touch as my default mobile browser.


However, that snag of being unable to upload media using WordPress’ multi-file uploader on mobile is a bummer. A big one. Opera Software needs to fix it yesterday. Till they do, Opera Touch remains problematic for all WordPress users. And WordPress powers 25% of websites on the internet now.

WordPress and Opera Mini have been at loggerheads. Opera cannot afford to continue along that path with Opera Touch.


Download Opera Touch and Opera For PCs

If you want to give the new Opera browsers a try, you can download both HERE.

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  2. I like the Opera Flow part and the fact that it’s seamless. Microsoft’s Edge has “Continue on PC” but I would have loved it to go both ways as there are times you might be working on your desktop and you might want to switch to your phone instead.
    Maybe I’ll check out the new Opera

  3. I have always been hooked with Operamini due to rss feeds.
    I know there are apps that handles rss feed reading however why have a separate app when it is inbuilt into the browser.
    If any one has a mobile browser that handles rss feeds properly, please let me know.
    Opera touch is cool but not cool enough for me.

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