Opinion: Microsoft needs to get rid of Windows RT

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Windows RT tablet

I really have no idea why Microsoft introduced Windows RT. As far as modern computing goes, There is PC and there is mobile. In Apple’s world, we have Mac OS for PC and iOS for mobile. In Google’s universe, we have Chrome OS for PC and Android for mobile. The duality of modern computing reflects cleanly in those two ecosystems. Why Microsoft has introduced a third leg in its ecosystem baffles me. A third leg means more development efforts, time and resources duplicated, and a whole lot of waste.

Windows OS for PC. Windows RT for tablets. Windows Phone for smartphones. Why not eliminate Windows RT and deploy Windows Phone for both smartphone and tablets, just like the competition does? Consider also the lacklustre performance of Window RT in the market till date, and it just doesn’t make sense that Microsoft continues to push this orphan. No-one wants Windows RT. Windows Phone sells much more than RT, has much more apps than Windows RT, and can easily do everything that RT does. So, what is the catch? Why spend all that money, time and other resources on RT?

Perhaps I am just an ignorant layman. Perhaps there is more to Windows RT than I see.


  1. Abundant money is supposed to give individuals and corporate organizations more CHOICES.

    Google, for instance, is said to engage in inoney guzzling projects, mostly for kicks. ( http://www.cio.com/article/694854/Google_Future_Tech_10_Coolest_Google_R_D_Projects?mm_ref=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2Fm%3Fq%3Dgoogle%2Bexperimental%2Bprojects%26client%3Dms-opera-mini-android%26channel%3Dnew)

    Too much available resources.

    Perhaps, Microsoft is so rich it can afford to just throw things at the wall, and see which one sticks.


  2. Mr mo Microsoft doesn’t need to kill RT what they need to do is to merge RT with windows phone , bcos both of them run on ARM architechture chipset .

    Rumors has it that microsoft is working on WP 8.1 that will support up to 10 inch screen and also a unified windows store

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