Yes; I mean that exactly the way it sounds: the mobile techie crowd is spoilt to the core. And it smells. I am not referring

Opinion: The mobile techie crowd is spoilt rotten

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Yes; I mean that exactly the way it sounds: the mobile techie crowd is spoilt to the core. And it smells. I am not referring to the general body of subscribers. I am referring instead to the tiny motley crowd of supposedly elite techie people who are into phones. That bunch is spoilt rotten. Why? Let me tell you about it.


A new smartphone is released by a particular brand. The specs are decent. The price is decent. This spoilt bunch show up screaming, “What is this? There is nothing special about this phone!!!”

WTF!? Must there be something special about each and every smartphone released into the market? These same fellas sleep on regular beds. Nothing special. They take Danfo every day. Nothing special. They eat Iya Salewa’s amala everyday. Nothing special. Sometimes the amala is a tasteless mass of sticky goo – and so is worse than “not special” – but they eat it every day because that is what they can afford. Yet, they are quick to yell, “Nothing special” about every smartphone released into the market.

They are like the odd clown who is angry that every car on sale in the showroom does not do 0-100 in 4 seconds. The joke.

Another manufacturer launches a new device. “Rubbish! It is too expensive!!! Why would I buy this?” That’s the spoilt rotten bunch again. Every phone is “too expensive” these days, no matter how reasonable the price is for the value it delivers. They point at one subsidised device from another manufacturer as validation for their vituperation. They conveniently ignore the fact that it is subsidised and so is not the norm.

When people in this spoilt bunch eventually save up enough to buy a car, they buy a regular, everyday car – again nothing special. Of course, they can’t afford a BMW or Ferrari. We all know how special those are. But expecting a BMW to cost the same as a regular brand is silly.

The rest of the world doesn’t get what the wailing and moaning and kicking is all about. Everybody else is happy with their “not special” smartphones. You see, those phones are good. Some are actually very good. They get the job done. They satisfy the vast majority of people they were designed for. The world moves on happily while the mobile techie crowd gnash their teeth over their perceived injustice that manufacturers prefer to make phones that actually sell.

It is the same crowd that grumble that free apps display ads, but they won’t pay the $0.99 that the ad-free version of the app costs. It is an amusing circus that we have here. They want their candy and they want it for free.

Like little children wanting candy all time, this small crowd wail (apologies to our political apologists) and moan (it would be nice if they were getting some good head, but no) and kick and scream when they are offered bread or regular biscuit. They want candy 24-7. And if possible, they want it for free or next-to-nothing.

Yes; the mobile tech crowd is spoilt rotten.


  1. Ah but you see, the “nothing special” crowd actually think they are the target market for those “nothing special” devices. Of course, because every device is made for them, or for them to criticise.

    I don’t think the “nothing special” crowd are spoilt rotten, quite the opposite. Maybe it’s the lack that leads to the criticising. Or maybe it’s boredom, you know, phone in hand, nothing in particular to do….

  2. i doubt, i don’t knock devices for not being special. my complaints are always specific, logical points. but he does have a point. here’s the thing, techies are a small minority, and minority reports tend to go against the popular narrative. besides i think it’s better to be a wailing wailer than a lemming.

  3. Lol, Mr Mo, you really took this personal o.

    But then again, you are subbing yourself too though.

    Nothing can be perfect and as long as nothing is perfect, people are there to criticise and MR Mo and team are going to be there to review and criticise too

  4. You have a point. But the problem is there are too many brands in Nigeria doing the same thing and it’s annoying!! No Creativity. Just COPY CAT!!! arrggghhh!!!!!

    And you can’t blame me for saying “There’s nothing special” , when in the real sense , there’s no creativity. We see the same thing everyday. Same old shit. Just a different name.

  5. But to be realistic the nothing special crowds are the ones who put the manufacturers on their toes. They are the one who has made manufacturers to sit up. We are among them oh.

  6. LOL, I think u r wrong though. Its the other manufacturers that produce similar devices that put manufacturers on theiir toes.

    They know there’s prolly a better offer nearby so why relax.

    I wonder why apple is still on top though. There actually isnt anything really similar to apple experience. Maybe that is part of the reasons.

  7. Well said, this same folks have caused OEMs to make phone’s too thin with small capacity batteries.

    I would gladly take a phone that’s between 1cm – 1.3cm thick with a battery that can do 2 of heavy use rather than a ruler-thin device that I have to charge every 5 hours, quick charge 2.0 or not.

  8. Diakon, I don’t think it was directed at 3WC, but one person has caught the sub. I’m sure there are others out there who won’t comment because….well, there’s nothing special to criticise!

  9. The problem is that criticism from the “nothing special” crowd comes down to “I don’t like the operating system” or “I don’t like the brand”. And usually that’s all they have to contribute.

  10. En en?

    The mobile techie crowd is like rotten tomatoes, kwa? Maybe.

    But then, when you have knowledge (techies, remember?), you have mobile knowledge that sets you free. Demanding more for less is part of the peeps of being firmly situated the Cutting Edge Highway (CEH). Nothing to sniff at there.

    When a real techie with knowledge of the movie market tells you a particular device has fallen short of the Glory of Nerds, you better believe it. He is not moaning (there is a time and place for that crap), he is merely making swift cerebral assessments and coming swiftly to informed conclusion.

    That’s ALL!

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