Opinion: Windows 10 Mobile not profitable like iOS, but a smart move

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windows 10 mobile start screen

A Forbes contributor argues that Microsoft’s new mobile strategy, while not as profitable as Apple’s, is a solid business. An excerpt:

Contrary to what some outlets are reporting, I really don’t believe that Microsoft is going to be giving up on Windows Mobile in the near future. What is clear, however, is that Windows Mobile is soon going to be another branch of Windows, and that’s a very smart move.

Read the short feature here: No, Microsoft Is Not Going To Kill Off Windows Phone, It Has A Much Better Plan

  1. If you ask me, Microsoft should just forget about mobile, I for see blackberry making a bigger impact than windows mobile.

  2. Mark,

    That’s going to take a miracle. Presently, BlackBerry share is much lower than Windows Phone share. Like a 3rd of it actually. More native WP apps are also being developed and updated than native BB apps. What you foresee is possible, but will be a miracle.

  3. I would advise blackberry not to put their head in one basket and also make Windows 10 mobile devices aswell when it ships. also hope you know every app that are rewritting for WINDOWS 10 Will be able to run on Windows 10 Mobile ?

  4. I am still in a fix with this continuum of a thing. Now imagine i am playing fifa 16 in my windows 10 enable pc, will i be able to play same game in my windows phone putting in cognisance the size of the game on my pc

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