OpnMarket for free WinMo apps

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opnmarketFreewarepocketpc.net is a website that has been providing freeware for Windows Mobile devices for years. Now, the people behind that site have developed an alternative app store to Microsoft’s own Marketplace for Mobile on Windowsphones.

From the Freewarepocketpc.net site:

OpnMarket is compatible with most of the Windows Mobile Professional devices with touch-screens, once installed it lets you browse, download and install FREE applications directly on your device. OpnMarket will use you mobile network connection or a WiFi connection to download softwares to your phone. It’s simple, instant and FREE!

I downloaded it and working well on my i-mate 8502. OpnMarket is available for download from the Freewarepocketpc.net website.


  1. *rummaging through my drawers*

    ok… so where is that my Zoom Mobile HTC Mogul???

    Who doesn’t like free stuff. I hope it’s not as dull as jetjar.com

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