In this OPPO A9 2020 vs OPPO F11 Pro comparison, we look at the specs and features of two superb phones. The results will help you decide which of the two is better suited to meet your needs.

OPPO A9 2020 vs OPPO F11 Pro comparison

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OPPO is one of the world’s top smartphone brands by sales and marketshare. The recent launch of the A9 2020 (though we are still in 2019) was a big surprise. The mew model packs so much value for the price and is priced not too far away from the slightly older F11 Pro. Which is why this OPPO A9 2020 vs OPPO F11 Pro comparison makes for interesting read. And so, we set these two superb upper mid-range juggernauts up against one another.

In terms of software, OPPO phones run a customised version of Android called ColorOS. It is currently on v6, based on Android 9 Pie, and both our contenders are up to date with that. So they are even as far as software is concerned. It is to the hardware side that we must look for all the differences.

OPPO A9 2020 vs OPPO F11 Pro: Introductions

Both phones have narrow bezels and their displays almost match in size. But the A9 2020 has a waterdrop notch, while the F11 Pro does not have a notch at all, because the selfie camera is hidden away in a motorized elevating camera at the top.

A closer look reveals that the A9 2020 has a bigger chin at the bottom of the display, while the F11 Pro has even bezels all round.

OPPO A9 2020 has two variants: 4GB RAM + 64GB storage, and 8GB RAM + 128GB storage. The model available in the country is the 8GB version. In the other corner, OPPO F11 Pro has three variants – 4GB RAM + 64GB, 6GB RAM + 64GB ROM, and 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM. This OPPO A9 2020 vs OPPO F11 Pro comparison, naturally is based on the last variant.

OPPO A9 2020 vs OPPO F11 Pro
OPPO A9 2020 vs OPPO F11 Pro

OPPO A9 2020 vs OPPO F11 Pro: Quick Specs Comparison

We juxtapose the two OPPO phone models side-by-side for more clarity.

OPPO A9 2020 OPPO F11 Pro
6.6 inches, 720 x 1600 pixels, IPS LCD waterdrop display, Gorilla Glass 3. 6.53 inches, 1080 x 2340 pixels, IPS LCD notchless display.
Rear-mounted fingerprint Rear-mounted fingerprint
Stereo speakers; Dolby Atmos sound Mono speaker
Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 (11 nm), 2.0 GHz Mediatek Helio P70 (12 nm), 2.1 GHz
16MP selfie camera 16MP elevating selfie camera
48MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP rear quad camera, dual LED flash 48MP + 5MP rear dual camera with LED flash
128 GB internal storage + dedicated microSD, up to 256 GB 128 GB internal storage + shared microSD slot, up to 256 GB
5000 mAh battery + 18W quick charging + reverse charging 4000 mAh battery + 20W fast charging
₦89,900.00 ₦119,000.00

Both phones have rear-mounted fingerprint reader, 128GB internal storage, 16 megapixel selfie camera, and fast charging, but that is as far as the similarities go in this OPPO A9 2020 vs OPPO F11 Pro comparison. The two devices begin to diverge and offer different strengths and advantages from this point.

Where OPPO A9 2020 has the edge

OPPO A9 2020 blue

Straight up, launching and switching between apps is a dream with 8GB of RAM on Android 9. The A9 2020 wins this aspect of our OPPO A9 2020 vs OPPO F11 Pro face-off.

The memory card slot is also a dedicated one, meaning that you can use a memory card without having to give up one of the two SIM slots provided in the phone.

Its bigger 5000mAh battery is a huge point in its favour as well. Mobile users in search of solid battery life will be delighted with this. Thankfully, there is fast charging to go with it as well. But that isn’t all: you can use the A9 2020 to charge other devices as well. A power bank in a phone. Nice.

But it isn’t the big battery alone that makes the OPPO A9 2020’s solid battery life possible. Both the low-resolution display and Snapdragon processor contribute as well.

Where OPPO F11 Pro has the edge

Oppo F11 Pro specs and price in Nigeria

The F11 Pro has a better display resolution, resulting in a better viewing experience for all types of content. Not having a notch obstructing the top of the display is also a beautiful thing to see.

It is also the more powerful of the two devices: its Helio P70 chipset outguns the A9 2020’s Snapdragon 665 chipset. If you are a hardcore gamer, for example, you will want all of the power of the F11 pro.

While the F11 Pro has only a dual camera setup, its camera is the better of the two.

Lastly, its fast charging standard is more advanced than the A9 2020’s, meaning that you can top up the F11 Pro faster when plugged to a wall socket.

OPPO A9 2020 vs OPPO F11 Pro: Who wins?

This OPPO A9 2020 vs OPPO F11 Pro royal rumble is intense. Neither of these phones is a slouch or a pushover.

In terms of raw power and cool factor, the F11 Pro wins. It is one of the coolest smartphones in the market, thanks to its notchless display, beautiful colour scheme, and the motorized pop-up selfie camera.

But when it comes to overall value for money, the A9 2020 wins hands down, seriously outgunning its more expensive brother. It offers better multitasking, lasts longer on a full battery charge, and is more pocket-friendly. Some will argue that not having any moving part also makes it less prone to damage.

The difference in prices is as huge as ₦20,000. But it isn’t just a question of money: the more affordable A9 2020 is compelling enough to draw certain categories of users in its direction even when they can afford to pay the ₦119,000 price tag of its contender.

As a matter of fact, the OPPO A9 2020 is such a huge value for money that it immediately jumped to the top of our list of the best 128GB internal memory phones under $300. It is a must-see list.

So, back to this OPPO A9 2020 vs OPPO F11 Pro comparison, which of the two will be your choice?

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