Oppo exhibits 5x Dual Camera Zoom system at MWC 2017

Posted by EmmyCN

We Africans are used to seeing Samsung and Apple rival each other for the best smartphone camera. No other smartphone maker has made the kind of impact they have made in the smartphone photography landscape. However, in China they have some major competition. For example, there’s Oppo, which is one of the top 5 smartphone vendors in the world, despite being largely restricted to China. Oppo has developed a ground-breaking smartphone camera technology. This is the Oppo 5x Dual Camera Zoom system.

The Oppo 5x Dual Camera Zoom system makes use of a unique design. It makes use of two camera sensors, one of which is a traditional camera. The other camera sensor pivots at an angle of 90 degrees. This means it faces the side of the device instead of the back. However, those are just two of the Dual Camera Zoom’s 50+ parts. The system possesses a periscope-style design; it diverts light through a prism from the first camera sensor to the 90-degree sensor. This enables it to achieve a perfect 5x zoom.

Furthermore, the Dual Camera Zoom system comes with an optical stabilization system. This prevents blurring in the captured images. The system makes that possible by adjusting the prism angle. It does that with precision to the thousandth of a degree. This is especially important when you are using the zoom function on a camera; on a normal smartphone camera, the slightest movement would blur the image.

So far, Oppo has not released any smartphone with the Dual Camera Zoom system yet. However, they revealed the technology behind it at the Mobile World Congress.This is currently ongoing at Barcelona, Spain. It is my belief that sooner than later Oppo will release a device that comes with the 5x Zoom camera system. That would really put some pressure on the smartphone camera giants Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Sony, LG, HTC and co. For the time being, this design only exists in China. However, I’m pretty sure that we will see more of such breakthroughs by other companies before the year runs out.

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