OPPO foldable phone looks like an improvement on Samsung Galaxy Fold

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Everybody is showcasing a device with a flexible display these days and OPPO has joined in. The OPPO foldable phone may be an improvement on Samsung’s Galaxy Fold.

The foldable phone frenzy recently hit the global smartphone market and industry giants OPPO have a folding device to display too, just like Samsung and Huawei. The Vice President of OPPO showed the folding smartphone in a series of photos online, even though OPPO did not officially showcase the device at the 2019 MWC in Barcelona.

One interesting take-home from OPPO’s folding smartphone is the fact that it appears to be an improvement on the Samsung Galaxy Fold. OPPO’s folding phone has a much better screen-to-body ratio, unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which looks like a small screen tab with very large bezels. OPPO’s folding smartphone folds perfectly and cleanly, an area the Samsung Galaxy Fold falls short yet again; its hinge is a little too obvious.

Images Of The OPPO Foldable Phone

Here are images of the first device by OPPO:

OPPO foldable phone

OPPO foldable phone

OPPO foldable phone

OPPO foldable phone

OPPO Foldable Phone Release Date And Price

We are still waiting on what OPPO’s folding phone to be named and released commercially before we can compare extensively with the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X but from all indicators, it appears OPPO will be focusing more on consumer experience and might be priced around $1,500. Time will tell.

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