As of today, OPPO’s VOOC Flash Charge is the fastest fast charging system on smartphones, and that technology will be licensed to other brands for use on their devices.

OPPO to license VOOC flash charge technology to other manufacturers

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OPPO Mobile is set to license VOOC flash charge technology to other brands for use on their devices.

As of today, OPPO’s is the fastest fast charging system on smartphones, and the company wants to leverage on that. In other words, OPPO wants to build an ecosystem around the technology.

The announcement was made at OPPO Mobile’s SuperVOOC Flash Charge Open Day in Shanghai, China. OPPO says it has also signed patent license agreements with six smart chip and device manufacturers.

VOOC Flash Charge was launched in 2014 and has been in use solely in OPPO smartphones. Well, not exactly. It uses the same technology that that OnePlus uses and brands as Dash Charge. Both OPPO and OnePlus belong to the same parent company, BBK Electronics, so both brands sharing underlying technology is understandable.

However, OPPO has taken the technology a step further by developing and introducing SuperVOOC, which was introduced at Mobile World Congress 2016.

OPPO to license VOOC flash charge technology
OPPO to license VOOC flash charge, its proprietary fast charging technology

How fast is SuperVOOC Flash charge?

In a nutshell, it is mindbogglingly fast. The latest iteration is found in the Automobili Lamborghini Edition of the Oppo Find X. , and it charges the phone from zero to full charge in 35 minutes flat. Yes; that is 0-100% in 35 minutes.

The closest any other phone has to that should be 0 to 100% in one hour. SuperVOOC is super fast. With technology so far ahead of the competition like that, OPPO has earned the right to license to others. We sure will like to have that kind of super power in our smartphones.

The technology requires a Super VOOC charger though. The Find X Automobili Lamborghini Edition has one bundled.

OPPO Mobile licensees VOOC fast Charging

OPPO says that it has applied for more than 1,000 core patents for VOOC flash Charge worldwide and has obtained safety certifications for VOOC Flash Charge by international safety authorities.

It looks like OPPO is on a roll, baring competing brands catching up with the current capabilities of SuperVOOC. Choosing to license VOOC Flash Charge technology is sure to boost the company’s coffers, as well as put super fast charging in the hands of more smartphone users.

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