Orbra teases Eve 3, their 2016 flagship smartphone

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Orbra ITC, an indigenous Nigerian smartphone brand, has released a teaser video for their 2016 flagship, the Eve 3. The teaser does not give up much information except that the device will pack a 6,000 mAh battery and offers 3 days usage. There are no revelations yet of what the phone will look like. Eve 3 is expected in June 2016.

Orbra Eve 3

Enjoy the teaser video:

Care to answer the question, If your phone could last 3 days of use, what would you do with it?

[schema type=”product” name=”Orbra Eve 3″ description=”Orbra’s 2016 flagship smartphone” brand=”Orbra” model=”Eve 3″ ]


  1. If it would run windows 10, they got me…. Happy to see another indigenous manufacturer tho

  2. Will love Orbra Eve 3 to be a 6 inch display, almost boarderless pocket fitting smartphone made for Nigerians and Africa.
    Please create greater awareness and push for the market.
    God bless Nigeria.

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