Organic charging; Charge your Nokia Lumia 930 with Apples and Potatoes

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Microsoft and Carphone Warehouse in a project to promote the Nokia Lumia 930 seems to have invented a new way of charging with natural energy using a substantial amount of apple and tomatoes to charge the Lumia 930.

This process of organically charging batteries with fruits and vegetables is made possible by the little chemicals present in each fruit and vegetable which can be converted to energy and then transfered through metal wires. due to the little chemicals present, few apples and potatoes won’t be able to do the job. Which is why they used about 800 of them,all connected together with a wire before they could charge the Lumia 930.

You can watch the whole process in this video.

Head of Digital Marketing and Advocay for Europe Microsoft Devices, Thomas Messet had this to say.

“Following the success of our lightning experiment that took place in 2013, we were keen to explore another way that we could harness natural energy and charge the brand new Lumia 930 device. We have an obligation to ensure we are always looking for new energy-efficient ways to improve the performance of our products and we’re proud to have done that with wireless charging on the Lumia 930 and some of our other Lumia products.”

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  1. That is quite good for the environment, and the Conservationists should be ecstatic to hear this.

    But, come o. I read somewhere that Apple, both the corporate Entity and the fruit, are caustic / corrosive… one to your pocket, and the other your teeth.

    Now, I believe. Thinking (financial) suicide? Enough Apple (the fruit and the Company) …should do the trick!

    The potato bit is mystifying, though..

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