OTA Update Rolls My Galaxy S II Back To Old Gingerbread Looks

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About an hour ago, I got an OTA update notification on my Samsung Galaxy S II. Considering that I had just manually updated it to Ice cream Sandwich, I was excited about another update. “Probably a minor bugfix”, I thought to myself.

I hit the update button and was done in a few minutes. Booting my phone, I got the shock of my life – the fancy new ICS icons and looks were gone!! My SGSII now looks like – well Gingerbread, even though it is running Android 4. The Settings menu still looks different, but the main user interface…. Here is a screenshot of what Ice Cream Sandwich should look like running on the SGSII:


Here is a picture of the About menu on my phone now showing the software version (4.0.3):

The first image on this page is what the desktop of my Samsung SGSII looks like now. Duhhhhh.

This is part of why I don’t like manual updates or flashing. Something tends to go wrong somewhere! I want my Ice Cream sandwich looks back!!! Now, I probably have to look for another manual re-installation. Wish me luck, a I hope that all goes well.

  1. That screenshot of what ICS should look like is a stock version (without customization). Samsung has customized the interface with TouchWiz in the latest update.

  2. LOL, it is at such times you remember the saying “Patience is a Virtue”. Good Luck.

  3. I actually updated to that with touchwiz. Though it has the gingerbread look, it runs ICS blood. I love the stock ICS too and that is why I am waiting for a stable CM9 to flash.

  4. “This is part of why I don’t like manual updates or flashing. Something tends to go wrong somewhere! ”

    Funny, I thought you wanted to say that you preferred the stock Androic 4.0 (ICS) UI with the manual upgrade to the heavily customised Samsung touch whiz interface on the official upgrade.

    Sometimes some damn Manufacturers do more evil than good in their bid to customise!!!

  5. This is one of the weaknesses of Android. Manufacturers customize with reckless abandon. It could however also be android’s greatest strength. Creation of numerous versions of the same OS giving consumers ability to choose.

    Yomi, if i were you, i’ll throw away the Galaxy S 2 and buy myself a nexus. 😀

  6. @Mister mobility: I also hate touchwiz. Well, you always have the option of installing other launchers, downgrading to the previous version or flashing a custom rom 😉

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