Other apps want to help you spend your money; this one wants to help you save it

Posted by Mister Mobility

Yes; one way or the other, every other app out there wants to help you spend your money. There are payment apps all over the place. Shopping apps too. “Spend! Spend! Spend!” That is the rally cry of everyone else. Finally, one app shows up with only one purpose: to help you save your money.

OsusuMobile proclaims itself as a financial service that enable users to save money more conveniently by being an easy avenue to make small deposits. The name is derived from a traditional system of savings in Nigeria. I am guessing that the service will work similar to that too. And yes; it wants to be the bank to the unbanked. It sounds good from where I stand. Hopefully, it won’t end up chasing the banked instead of its initial target market like most other mobile money services have resorted to doing.

OsusuMobile isn’t quite ready yet, so you have to wait a little longer. But do keep an eye out for it. I shall do just that.


  1. hmmn… definitely still be keeping this in my sights… but how to ensure they won’t jes run with our money in the end

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