Look what we found on the streets of Lagos: Oukitel Mobile Nigeria

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Oukitel Mobile is a smartphone brand that is popular among mobile enthusiasts who are looking for both bargain prices and big batteries. Usually, such enthusiasts have had to order from international online stores and then have their devices shipped in. That looks to change though. We ran into an Oukitel Mobile Nigeria branded bus in Lagos last week. You know what that implies.

I just had enough time to take a quick photograph of the bus before we left it behind. But if you look in the photo well, you will see Nigeria-specific social media handles, phone numbers and an email address listed.

Oukitel Mobile Nigeria branded bus

So, yes; Oukitel Mobile has established some form of official presence in Nigeria, it seems. Fans of the brand would hopefully no longer have to ship in those smartphones.

About time too. We could do with more official presence and support from other smartphone brands too. In the meantime, let’s give Oukitel Mobile Nigeria a warm welcome.


  1. Just did a little search online and discovered they have been around since 2016 when they advertised for the position of Business Development Officers .They obviously started wrongly, they need to do more publicity .

  2. I once used Oukitel K10000 for 10months. It served me wella without any issue. I ported to Xiaomi MI Max Prime recently from Oukitel K10000.

  3. Good afternoon

    seeing this picture is a welcome development since a lover of oukitel products.

    I got one oukitel k6000 pro delivered to me few days ago from Jumia on line store but i had to return it because I learnt that the parts are not found in Nigeria and to make matter worse no customer service centre in Nigeria.

    Taking such risk at that high amount of money was too high. But I still love this phone.

    please kindly advice and let me if there is any service centre in Nigeria now? Or what to do incase of any accident or repairs needed?

    I couldn’t see any of the contact detail from your picture.



    From Benin city

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