This article is the first in a new category we are introducing. Named “Human Interest”, this category will feature stories of how mobile phones are

Our mobile phones; Our love lives

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This article is the first in a new category we are introducing. Named “Human Interest”, this category will feature stories of how mobile phones are impacting everyday living. It is a category that both mobile fans and people with no more than a cursory interest in mobiles will enjoy reading – admin

Recently, a friend of mine, who is himself an avid Blackberry fan, got his girlfriend a Blackberry 9630 Tour. The idea was to boost communication between the two of them, since BB Chat would now be a convenient means of communication between them. The two lovebirds live in two different cities.

Well, just last week, my friend informed me that his girlfriend was considering ditching the Blackberry. Of course, I was interested in knowing why. You see, the device was purchased from me. Was it faulty?

No; it wasn’t. My friend replied that his gal was complaining that since the BB arrived, he was no longer calling her as much as he used to!

mobile love

I advised my friend to call her more often, with the tip that his gal simply wants to hear his voice more. That’s how ladies are built. There is not available in a BB chat message the kind of warmth that a lover wants.

Personally, I got married before GSM hit Nigeria. Perhaps, I wouldn’t be married to my wife today if things had been different. You see, she once told me a few years after we tied the knots, “If I had known that you love phones this much, I wouldn’t have married you.” Of course, I have since made adjustments such that she no longer sees my phones as her competition (I hope!).

Of course, my phones contribute to our relationship positively in many other ways – we talk regularly during office hours, have fun taking pictures, share a love song on the spur of the moment, and so on and so forth.

What about you? What are the good, the bad and the ugly effects of your mobile phone on your relationships?


  1. wow! Now more normobs (those who are not so techie) can use more information here and engage in the way mobile tech is affecting the way we live and interact. Its been a jolly good ride for the #PhoneNerds and #PhoneGeeks. Like this segment.

    My own share.

    me and my girl use to talk most time of the day, 2 or 3 times. The least is once. But since I helped her get Snaptu and Nimbuzz on her phone, there are times we go for days without hearing each others voice.

    Often she’d call or text me, that we should meet up on yahooMsg and chat on mobile. its as if am been stalked. She’s there reading my comments and liking my comments, ahan han! **nagging** i think i’d prefer the fone call. Anyway am glod she’s as excited about social media as I am.

  2. My girlfriend [and future bride, I sincerely hope] have been dating for 2 years, and during most of that time, we’ve been apart. long distance relationships can be so hard. I’m so grateful we both had gsm phones during that period to communicate and share our love. {SECRET – I actually toasted/chyked her over the phone, as I was too still too shy ask her out to her face. So I waited till she was far away before doing it. DONT TELL…}

    I’m proud that my girl is a little more tech-savvy as the average babe, and has learnt the meaning of things like UMTH, broadband, torrents, etc from me. These days, we send each other mms with sexy pictures, audio poems to keep each other company during the nights. We’ve both had mtn, glo, etisalat, and zain SIMs to take advantage of any bonanza that will allow us to talk more.

    No doubt about it, without gsm, our relationship would never have lasted this long {Would it even have started? LOL}. I truly wonder how our parents coped with writing love-letters that took weeks to reach the target.

    One thing I will NOT do is buy her a Blackberry. I have seen blackberries turn simple babes into crackberry-addicts, and it’s not funny. A BB will turn her into a slave that jumps at every notification. I’m also trying to convince her to avoid twitter, ‘cos Facebook is enough distraction as it is.

  3. spacyzuma,

    I guess you are not using twitter yourself too. that thing can be very addictive. people can help it, just like techies or geeks can’t avoid cool trendy smartphones.

    Nice one.

  4. I met my wife in school and we practically lived together so we had no communication issues. it was 2001 and phones and sims were too expensive any way so i was happy we didnt have to call eachother. The only thing that causes fight then was my 2X/3X a week night browsing(she had to ask if I was a Yahoo boy, I said no am just a lover of Gadgets).

    When it was time for me to go for NYSC and i was posted to Niger State, I said to my self, thank God I have a phone. I can still remember coming out in the night in Agaie in Niger State and going to an elevated area just to make calls, there was no service there but somehow in the night we had service. This was love serving.

    Back to 2010, I work on VI and she works on the mainland no matter how far we are during the day, we are always a phone call away.

  5. Mobile phones, especially smartphones takes up lots of our time!

    Never had any love issues, except those days because it facilitate our numerous runs.

    Now, my wife is fully into the mobile groove. But I intend to stimulate her interest more, just like Yomi did. Now she uses Facebook and PingChat!

  6. Thank God for mobilephones, it’s my companion and Best Friend, gotten me any few good things, a few ex-girlfriends and a deep hole in my pocket

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