Left in the cold: You test me sorely, dear Glo

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We have a long history together. Years of unbroken partnership. Through thick and thin, we have ridden the storms and the waves together. There were times when I had another lover by the side. I’m afraid that necessity was laid on me to do so. Again and again, you left me in the cold and I had to find solace in the arms of another woman. My other women were always temporary. I made no promises to them. My heart was always with you though you broke and shred it again and again.

You Leave Me In The Cold

left in the cold

I am not naive. I really, really believe that people do not change once they mature into adulthood. You have not changed over the years. Every now and then, you pull your stunts again and again. Sometimes, the crisis is short. At other times, it drags on. But again and again, you find ways to prove me right. People do not change.

For a while, I have told everyone who cared to listen that I no longer wanted to keep two women. Or three. Not that I thought there was a problem with that. It was my choice. For a change, I wanted to travel light. Just you. No-one but you. For a few months now, I have managed it quite well. We have been everywhere together. Just the two of us.

But today, you pulled one of your stunts again. You shut me out and gave me the cold shoulder. We had taken a ride out together, and out there, far from home, from friends, and in the midst of total strangers, you disappeared without notice. As you have done before, you left me out in the cold. Isolated. My frantic SMS messages didn’t go through. Neither did my calls. WhatsApp, Twitter, and all communications channels simply failed. I was all alone in the world.

Sitting by the wayside, I watched people come and go. I thought to myself how nice it would be had I another woman into whose arms I could run at that time. Someone to provide me communication. I so, so needed to talk, to reach out and to be reached. I needed warmth and comfort. I felt so cold.

I fretted, and worried myself sick but got no word from you. Alone, I set out on the lonely journey back home under the burning tropical sun. I was left in the cold in the sweltering heat. The trip back home was a horrible one. I kept trying to reach out, but always without success.

Then, just when I was almost home, out of the blues you showed up once again. True to form, you offered no apologies. It was business as usual. You went to do your thing and you were back. The world had not ended. All was well again.

I love you and have refused the option of divorce till now. After all, what are the chances that your replacement will not be as bad? However, I am sure now that I want me another woman. I want a warm ravishing refuge for me during these periods of mad crises of yours. I must say that you really do test me. You test me sorely, dear Glo.


  1. Glo isn’t the only one with this problem, it’s the same with Airtel and it’s always worse at this time of the year.

  2. They all throw tantrums, just that for some it’s more frequent than others. It’s good to have a backup for those periods.

  3. I’ve been with Etisalat Airtel for some five months now or thereabouts and even though I acknowledged that there 3G speed is inferior to my experience with Etisalat before switching, I have been contented to stay with them for what they offer in data allowance. And yes, it doesn’t just end with that, their 3G data service is very useable with more than adequate speed and stability too.

    I do experience occasional 3G signal outage but I’m not sure it has ever lasted more than an hour or two at a stretch. Well, today the 3G signal just disappeared sometime around 9 in the morning and all through the day. I kept checking for 3G even up till around 11 in the night before I slept off and still no signal. I was already growing apprehensive that maybe, through this Christmas season there will not be 3G signal.

    I woke up few minutes to 4 this morning and checked again and to my relief, the 3G signal is back. I initiated the updates I needed to do on the Google Play Store. It is simply a painful experience engaging in any activities on the Play Store without 3G services. I think this is the usual thing with Christmas periods. Luckily, there was EDGE signal to fall back on throughout the period the 3G services was out for other internet activities.

  4. Harry,

    In my experience yesterday, switching from 3G to 2G didn’t make a difference. I could not make calls, send SMS or use packet data all through the crisis, regardless of what network mode I was on.

    There was a signal in either mode, but I could do nothing with it.

  5. I mean to say:

    I’ve been with Airtel for some five months now or thereabouts and even though I acknowledged that there 3G speed is inferior to my experience with Etisalat before switching, I have been contented to stay witthem for what they offer in data allowance. …

    I was actually talking about Airtel rather than Etisalat.

    @Mr. Mo:

    Your situation was about the worst there could be. I think when I had that type of experience was December 2008. I couldn’t place calls or send SMSes and of course, browsing the internet was totally out of the question because data signal was totally unavailable.

  6. Thanks Mr. Mo for that correction.

    Well fortunately for me, the 3G signal is still present on my phone. I just hope that the yesterday’s outage was a one off situation. I can browse happily with EDGE but downloading with EDGE these days is very frustrating.

    Funnily, I’ve downloaded about 70MB file in the past with GPRS and not even EDGE. This was made possible by the excellent download manager of the Russian mod of the Opera Mini for Java that even supports download resumption if also supported on the server. you can even resume a download even after several hours or days provided the file has not changed.

  7. Any serious data use I recommend should be with the dedicated data providers (SMILE, SPECTRANET, SWIFT etc) not any of the GSM mobile networks. At best the GSM mobile networks can be a back up when on the move to areas not covered by the dedicated broadband providers. Having one sole source of data bad move in Nigeria. Some of us have 2 or more data providers.

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