Owners of the 5800 XpressMusic here in Nigeria can now update their device’s firmware to the latest verion, 21.0.025. The the best part is that

Over The Air Firmware Update Available For Nokia 5800 XM

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Owners of the 5800 XpressMusic here in Nigeria can now update their device’s firmware to the latest verion, 21.0.025. The the best part is that the update can now be done directly on the phone. Bye-bye, PCs, USB data cables and huge downloads.

Over the air firmware update (update done directly on the phone) is simpler, faster, lighter, and less problematic than doing it from a PC. It took less than three minutes to get the firmware on my 5800 updated and the size of the installation file was less than 4MB. If this same update were to be done from my PC, it would have taken nothing less than 40minutes and the file size somewhere around 100MB.

Please note that in order to be able to carry out over the air firmware update, it is best that you have a bundled mobile internet package from your network operator.

How To Update Over The Air5800-update
From the phone’s home screen click the dial pad short cut key, then dial *#0000#. The phone displays your current firmware version.

From that screen, click Options and select Check for updates. The phone will alert you of a new firmware version and then select download.

Once the installation file is downloaded, select Install and the new firmware will be installed on your phone. That is it, simple as ABC.

I have noticed a few changes since I installed the latest firmware version on my 5800. The changes include a considerably faster browsing experience on the built-in browser, applications launching faster, and the white menu button breathing at intervals in standby mode (though you’d have to enable that in the notification light settings).

For those of you who actually update your firmware version, please let us know the changes you notice after updating.


  1. Can firmware update delete data & files from d memory card or the internal memory of d phone ?
    I like d new page look.

  2. Thanks Azeez for noticing the new face we are giving Mobinaija. 😆

    As for firmware update for the Nokia 5800, files and data remain intact after the update. The reason for this is what is called User Data Preservation (UDP) on the 5800. I mentioned this in the article already.

  3. Dear I am still unable to update my 5800 as i followed the same as mentioned above through FOTA but application is asking for server profile. is there any settings available to set the server profile? please let me know. thank you

  4. You do not need to set up any server profile, that should be automatic. If you are able to browse with the phone, then you should be able to do firmware update over the air.

  5. i have a 5800 from tmobile everytime i try to update it says
    unable to authenticate check username and password. please what can i do?

  6. i cant update my phone using *#0000#,its showing no updates available.pls why?

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