Starting with first services on some of the new Nokia devices in July and August, Ovi services will be re-branded as Nokia services in a

Ovi being re-branded to Nokia (Why did it take this long?)

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Starting with first services on some of the new Nokia devices in July and August, Ovi services will be re-branded as Nokia services in a transition expected to continue into 2012. Each of the services under the Ovi umbrella will simply be re-branded as Nokia, with no planned disruption to the service roadmaps.

This was reported on Nokia Conversations this morning, and I dare say a very much welcomed one. Here at Mobility Nigeria, we have always thought that Nokia differentiating their services from their devices was a bad idea, as it created confusion for the average consumer. Fortunately, Nokia’s EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Jerri DeVard shares our sentiments.

Here is what he said:

“The reasons for this decision includes the fact that Nokia is a well-known and higly-loved brand the world over. Our mobile experiences are tightly integrated with our devices- there is no longer a differentiation.”

So from July, we should begin to see the word Ovi replaced with Nokia, on all services.


  1. A good question. Why did they take so so long? Instead of Ovi Maps, Nokia Sounds equally as good!

    They should see Google and learn! Google Earth, Google Earth, Gmail etc.

    It is about time Nokia does this. Promote their brand and stop doin senseless things or carrying detrimental policies just like abandoning Symbian, Buying and then handling Symbian foundation to third party.

    Let’s hope Elop cOntinue with such sensible policies!

  2. Confused as ever, Nokia clearly hasn’t a clear thinktank with many policy reversals. From Symbian for medium range & meego for high end which has failed to materialize to WP7. I just hope someday in the not-so-distant future we don’t see a reversal from WP7 to Symbian or meego if the WP7 falls short

  3. For example Ovi Maps to Nokia Maps. The transition will begin in July and is expected to be completed by the end of 2012 and Nokia says that the rebrand will have no impact on planned updates and improvements to the services. The rebrand will effect application and service names sync as well asrelated print materials marketing and other activities.

    The switch to the Nokia branding scheme should be apparent with newly purchased devices by the end of the year older devices will also see on-board services rebranded through future software updates…While the Ovi brand has become familiar to many Nokia consumers it does not have the same level of recognition or consumer trust as the main Nokia brand…

    The change comes ahead of the move to Windows Phone as Nokias primary smartphone platform. With the combination of Nokia and Microsofts brands the continuation of Ovi was always going to be called into question.

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