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add friend yahooThe Ovi Blog has announced that Ovi Chat is now officially powered by Yahoo! The main advantage of this new integration is the ability to add Yahoo! Messenger friends to your Chat friend list. The way to do this is by going to Options > Add Friend, selecting Other domain and then entering your friend’s Yahoo! Messenger ID (i.e. friend@yahoo.com). Once they accept your friend request, their Yahoo! ID will appear with the rest of your Chat friend list. Now you can see when your friend is online and start a conversation.

You do not even need to have a Yahoo Messenger account to be able to do this. Your Ovi account will do just fine.

This is part of the fruits of Nokia’s new partnership with Yahoo. The Ovi blog post mentions that “more improvements” are on the way.

For me, the question is, why is there no Chat app for Symbian yet? Why are millions of S40 users proiviledged with this app and Nokia’s customers who paid more for their devices still out in the cold? Anyone understands why?

  1. Lets believe they are working on it.

    I got a final notice via email yesterday from Nokia Marketing that I should accept Yahoo terms and conditions if I want to continue using Ovi Chats.

    My question is, will it be the type of integration between yahoo and facebook inwhich i can see and chat with people online on facebook.

  2. This is just a fail still, nokia should make a proper im messenger for their devices. Something with support for all im like yahoo, facebook, myspace im, aim, msn et al.

  3. @martinkem
    it just ovi chat now, and more so there is an app for that.

    Dont know if am wrong but is there any phone manafacturer that has its own chat app that comes with support for all im like yahoo, facebook, myspace im, aim, msn et al

  4. Bosun99uk,

    Good response. At times, our expectations are simply not reasonable. No manufacturer that I know of offers such an all-in-one IM app. But none of those others was labelled ‘fail’.

  5. WHy wasn’t it powered by Microsoft? Ovi Chat has never made me a fan of its. Just because there are other marvelous instant messengers around like PingChat, Yahoo Messenger, and even Skype!

    Ovi chat needs to add voice, picture and video messenging with VOIP in the box to make it worthwhile for me!

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