Only 25 per cent of the world currently has access to email, and seeing that mobile phones are fast becoming the default Internet access device

Ovi Mail from Nokia – 10 million and counting

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Only 25 per cent of the world currently has access to email, and seeing that mobile phones are fast becoming the default Internet access device for most of the world, it only makes sense that email on mobiles be given critical attention.

nokia ovi mail service

Take India, for example: 1.13 billion people; less than 50 million PCs (that’s one computer for every 20-odd people), but there are more than 600 million mobile phone subscribers. Mobile is already the default mass media and communications channel. It’s where most people will send and receive emails. These are the people for whom Ovi Mail is particularly useful.

This is clearly shown when you look at the statistics of who is using Ovi Mail the most. Seven of the top ten countries activating Ovi Mail accounts are in emerging markets. Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, China, Kenya and Nigeria are among the top countries for activations.

The service is free, which helps a lot, but more importantly for these markets, you don’t need access to a PC to create or use it. You can do everything with Ovi Mail directly on your phone. The service is supported on nearly 200 device models worldwide and is localised in 26 languages.

Ovi Mail, the email service that comes with your Nokia phone, has announced that it now has 10 million activated accounts. If you don’t have an email account yet, or you want something that requies no PC usage to administer at all, go get yourself a Nokia phone and join the Ovi train.


  1. Besides being mobile friendly, Ovi needs to convince us in practical terms why we should ditch yahoo, gmail, live and co

  2. ovi mail does not always open when i want to check my own on nokia e63. But i used it to update my phone instillations etc and theme.

  3. If I may borrow a leaf from Steve Jobs, Ovi Mail is the best thing that has ever happened to mobile email. Simple to set up if you have a nokia phone. No need to worry your head about pop3 or imap settings. Just get on with it. That’s not all, you can also check your mails on your PC at

    No, its not a push email like in blackberry but you can ‘push it’ using app like emoze on your symbian phones.

    The simplicity of setup and use should convince you ditch your yahoo and windows life accounts. But Gmail will be hard to relegate.

  4. I have an ovi account but i still prefer gmail and yahoo. I’ve tried logging in my ovi account on emoze but it does not connect. Maybe when it connects then i’ll start using the account more.

  5. Besides being mobile friendly, Ovi needs to convince us in practical terms why we should ditch yahoo, gmail, live and co

    OviMail is not targeted at those who are already on Gmail, Yahoomail and so on. Nokia is pushing OviMail primarilly at those who do not have an email account yet because of lack of access to a PC and internet access.

    Its why OviMail is doing so well in the above-listed countries.

  6. I have an ovi mail account but I have not yet become a fan yet. Perhaps if I choose to buy an N8 out these three handsets; Motorola milestone, Iphone 4 or the Nokia N8. Then I may become a fan of ovi mail. Gmail in itself is something else. SUperb!!

  7. @234connect Ovi mail is not push mail like blackberry and it does not worth it to buy a blackberry and pay 5000 per month because of push mail and chat like most people do.

    @archie you dont have to leave your other emails cos they are all good for different purposes. i have Yahoo, Gmail,Hotmail,Aol, Ovi mail and off course Outlook at the office.

    @Igoma d n try accessing it with your default nokia browser too.

    @deoladoctor i really enjoy your comments and i also suggest that people using emoze should try System Seven and you are right about Gmail, it is indeed the best.

    @kay123 i advice you download nokia ovi mail from the Ovi store.

    @yomi you are the main man and welldone.

    @Afewgoodmen am happy to have someone to share my love for N8 with, moto milestone is already a very old phone Nexus one is better with 2.2 froyo. Iphone 4 is more a toy with perfect finishing than a phone and there are still limitations.

    Am a guy who has been so much on news about all gadgets on the net and all the sites i visit are foreign but i feel so much at home here.

  8. @bosun99uk. Nice comments please. Cheers. I also love mobilitynigeria because it is like coming home. I share a love of gadgets like you. But nothing better if you could do that in a Naija website.

    The N8 is something truly to watch for and purcase!

  9. @bosun99uk

    Has anyone been able to access ovi mail of recent? I’ve been trying to connect to my ovi mails for the past two days without any success. This applies for mobile devices as well as via PC.

  10. deoladoctor,

    I checked my Ovi mail (haven’t used it since November last year) and was able to access it on PC. So far, it has been inaccessible on mobile at my end.

  11. @deoladoctor

    The last time i was able to access my OVI mail on my desktop was in April and i have not been able to access it from my phone too for some time now. Thank God none of my important RSS or subscriptions are linked to Ovi Mail.
    Some say it works only if you use a default application by Nokia.

  12. @Yomi and bosun99uk

    I’ve tried the native email clients on s60 and s40 phones as well as internet explorer on my PC. Ovi mail not working on any of them. However, i just discovered that it works with Nokia Email App installed on my 5800 if i keep it always online.

  13. @Yomi and deoladoctor

    At least we are sure it is working on some Nokia phones

    there is something really wrong with the service, the app on my phone says connected but it not sync.

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