Dayo and I had to make a quick trip to the rock city, Abeokuta, yesterday afternoon. Though I was violating the doctor’s orders to get

Ovi Maps Brief Test: Abeokuta

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ovi maps abeokuta

Dayo and I had to make a quick trip to the rock city, Abeokuta, yesterday afternoon. Though I was violating the doctor’s orders to get some rest, the trip was an absolute essential. The drive to the city was a pleasant one as we chatted about everything under the sun.

Arriving at Abeokuta, I thought, How good would Ovi Maps be in leading us to our specific destination? Detailed drive guidance in Lagos is one thing. Outside of Lagos is another.

Quickly, I whipped out my Nokia N8, launched Ovi Maps, selected “Drive”, and typed in “Quarry Road”. GPS lock took place in less than a minute. In a few moments, that sweet female voice kicked in as the app drew out a route for us to follow.

I did know the way to our destination road and could tell that the directions given were good, though not my preferred route. Because we were pressed for time, I opted to take my preferred route and so ignored the initial directions. Ovi Maps promptly recalculated and drew up another set of directions that accurately matched my preferred route.

Yes; it was a simple and brief test, but again it underscored how good and helpful Ovi Maps can be when you are out and about. With Ovi Maps, the maps are pre-installed on your device and so no data connection is required. Ovi Maps is also free.

If you do a lot of travelling, you should consider Ovi Maps. The mobile app is currently available on Symbian smartphones, and later this year or early 2012 on Nokia Windows Phone smartphones as well.


  1. Yes. Ovi maps is the best gps map service in the world! Much better than Google maps. I love it because it is much detailed. And is adapted to Nigeria and your local community. Good work, Nokia!

  2. God bless Nokia.
    The idea that you can also pre load the map is awesome, so even if there is no service, you sure will find your way.

  3. Ovi Map is the best Navigation app. I’ve been it to navigate through Abk for a long time. It gives detailed map down to the street name.

  4. It’s good, but I’m surprised some areas in Abuja Metropolis are absent. I’ve also seen some errors in street naming and the location of some land marks.

  5. I was in Lagos again last week. On Friday, my friend and I decided to drive to FESTAC to see some former classmates. We left Sangotedo around 5pm, and got stuck in the notorious holdup for more than 4 hours. At Surulere, my friend got confused about our whereabouts. He was trying to find Ilesha bridge so we could enter Mile 2 Expressway. We spent more than 45 mins asking people and getting confusing directions.

    All this while, my Nokia N8 and his N900 were lying dormant In our pockets. When he wanted to vent his frustrations on facebook & twitter [as I was checking the latest on], I remembered what Yomi & Dayo experienced in Abeokuta. As Fate would have it, just before leaving Abuja, I had downloaded the 150MB map of Nigeria via Ovi Suite/Maps into my Nate. I opened Ovi Maps, got my position, and viewed our environs. I selected Drive Mode, and soon were on our way.

    However, the bridge we were looking for was recently constructed, and not yet available on the map. We still had to ask for some directions before locating the bridge. After that, it was swift driving all the way because all the roads/avenues/closes leading to our destination to FESTAC were accurately labeled.

    The next day, we used Ovi Maps intensively as we made our way to several destinations in Abule-Egba, Mile 2, Iyana Ipaja, etc.

    Each week, I appreciate my Darling Nate more and more.

    Oh, yeah! LASTMA arrested us for mistakenly entering a road [that was just recently converted to a 1-Way] close to LGA HQ, around Computer Village Ikeja. We had to cough up almost all the cash in our pockets!

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