Ovi Store 2.08 is here for Symbian^3 smartphones

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The update of Ovi Store to version 2.08 is now rolling out. This update brings automatic update notifications, which means that anytime users log into the store, they will be notified of any available updates to their pre-installed apps.

I got the 2.08 update today, and immediately was notified of five (5) available application updates. The option to “Update All” is presented, so that with one click, all available app updates are carried out. Sweet.

Some of the apps that I was immediately notified of available updates for include: IM for Nokia, CNN App for Nokia, Skype, and Molome.

Screenshots below.





How to get Ovi Store 2.08 up and running on your Symbian ^3 smartphone? Simply launch the Ovi Store app on your device and you will be prompted to download and install the new version.

  1. hey, i updated my ovi store but everytime i start up it closes and shuts down ?? How can i fix this problem ?? I have an Nokia N8 ? Please help !

  2. Arsalan, perhaps you could try rebooting your device, and if that doesnt solve the problem try re-installing the firmware of the N8 via Ovi Suite?

  3. Thank God, automatic update notifications is now available.

    I dont think this is available for S605th.

  4. I have a Nokia N8 and live in Onitsha, Nigeria. I got one download from the ovi store via my phone but can’t seem to get anymore to download. Keep getting “network error” when I log in via the n8. Someone told me that Ovi store is only open for the US and UK. Is that true? Is there any other way to get downloads outside the email process? Thanks.

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