Ovi Store crosses 6 million downloads daily

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The momentum of Nokia’s Ovi Store continues to be strong. Every day more than 300,000 new Nokia accounts are created, and every day consumers worldwide download some 6 million mobile apps and content.

Ovi Store has grown nearly eight-fold in just one year. More than 48,000 apps are now available on the Store, with nearly 1,000 new apps added each week. Series 40 devices, which will enable apps for the next billion mobile-phone users, have grown their download volumes in excess of 35 per cent during the last two months, making up about a quarter of all Store downloads.

As of last May, more than 170 developers had each exceeded 1 million downloads on Ovi Store. Among these developers, 15 companies had 10 million to 20 million downloads; five companies had 20 million to 30 million; and one company, Offscreen Technologies, had more than 72 million downloads.

Operator billing connections are growing at a steady pace, as well, and the total number now includes 121 operators across 42 countries. Operator billing improves the consumer experience. When consumers buy Store apps and other Nokia Services, any purchase via operator billing is simply charged to the mobile phone bill issued by their Operator.

Source: Nokia Developer

  1. I think this is the due to the popularity of C and X series of Nokia Cell Phones which have built in Ovi Store and let the user to download stuff without any difficulty. Well, this is real business rise of your one best product can also make your other services popular.

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