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Braille OwnFone

OwnFone is a UK-based OEM making specialised phones for young, senior and challenged persons. The latest from their lineup is the Braille Phone. This is an easy-to-use mobile phone with personalized braille buttons for blind or visually impaired people who struggle to use normal mobile phones.

The phone is available with 2 or 4 call buttons each personalized with a name in braille and pre-programmed with a telephone number. To make a call, all you have to do is press a braille call button and the phone will instantly connect the user with the person they need to call. Braille buttons complement word and image buttons already offered by OwnFone. This looks like an extremely useful device for visually impaired people.

OwnFone Braille Phone

OwnFones are unique devices in the sense that they are extremely easy to use, making them apt for youngsters and seniors. The devices do not have a screen and so users can only make and receive phone calls. You read that right: no texting, internet, apps, games, video, or camera. The mobile phone stripped down to bare necessities. Interested buyers are able to create their own custom designs on the OwnFone website during the order process. OwnFone devices are delivered to buyers ready-to-use straight out of the box.

“We feel that there is a clear need for simple phones to balance the proliferation of complex smartphones, so our younger and elderly generations can remain connected to their loved ones – and that is what OwnFone is all about,” says Brad Scoble, Director of OwnFone Australia & NZ.

The OwnFone with braille buttons starts from £60 Inc. VAT and is available to order from www.ownfone.com.



  1. Did you know that the 15 May is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)?

    The OwnPhone will be useful to many visually impaired people who feel unable to use some mobile phones and definitely have no need for a smartphone. Like the Doro phone (no connection to the song), it provides more choice in the mobile phone market.

    I can see this evolving.

  2. Noni,

    I am hearing of Doro for the first time from you. I went to check it out – and it looks like something retro from years back. Interesting.

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