Oxygen set to spread broadband services into greater Lagos

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CyberSchuulNews.com reports that Nigeria’s pioneer Metro Wi-Fi hotspot provider of broadband internet access, Oxygen Broadband Networks Limited, that they are adding over 75 new hotspots in areas outside of Lagos Island and Lagos mainland where it currently operates about 25. This is cheery news. Oxygen currently has 25 hotspots in Lagos, inlcuding at locations like Shoprite Surulere; Ozone Cinemas, Yaba; Freedom Park, Lagos; some Chicken Republic outlets; and some restaurants, bars and other relaxation spots.

According to the CyberSchuulNews report, Mr. Wande Adalemo, Chief Operating Officer, said that the additional locations will go live in the first quarter of 2014.

I am particularly excited about this. Imagine a Lagos with hotspots that you can fall back on as you go about your business or leisure. The awesome thing is that I can purchase a subscription at say freedom Park, and if I don’t finish it there and then, I can use it at any other Oxygen hotspot later. One account; Several Hotspots. Brilliant.

  1. Be more interested if it featured outside Lagos state (not Lagos again!) like say at Benin or Port Harcourt.

    Can never win ’em all, can you?

  2. I was expecting to hear that swift 4G LTE is moving to other states like Abuja, port Harcourt, etc

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