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From the developer’s website:ozone

Ozone is a world-class mobile browser that offers great performance and outstanding mobile browsing experience for S60 and UIQ based phones.

Ozone’s features make it one of the best in its class. From the open-source WebKit engine, Ozone not only delivers advanced features such as client-side database support, application cache, zooming and multiple windows, but also provides the best web-standards compliant experience that’s available.

* Intuitive UI and page navigation
* Multiple windows
* Zooming and panning
* Pop-up blocking
* Auto-complete URL editing
* Desktop/mobile mode switch
* Netscape scriptable plugin
* Low memory footprint, works in devices with only 64MB RAM
* Offline Web Applications support including the latest mobile Gmail for iPhone and Android

And more: high performance disk caching, fast image decoding, favorite icons, bookmark management and advanced HTML, CSS and JavaScript (SquirrelFish) support.

The browser, which is still an Alpha release, is available for Symbian s60 and UIQ devices.

Ozone startpage
Ozzone startpage

First Impressions
I did a quick run on the E90, and the interface is smooth and pleasant. I couldn’t login to the Facebook full website when I tried that, but the site was well rendered. heading for Yahoo, I was redirected to the yahoo mobile site. But the mobile re-direction did not work for Alireta.com and MobilityNigeria.com (another mobile browser for mobile web designers to worry about), but fortunately both sites have links that allow the user to force the mobile versions.

The application suddenly terminated itself while I was attempting to navigate a page on the MTN Nigeria website. But then, this sort of thing is to be expected from an Alpha release.

I’ll have a more detailed review as soon as I can squeeze the time.

Download from the [mobile] Ozone website.

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